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In Topic: Pointless Wars - [Turn-Based Pointless Strategy]

01 March 2016 - 12:23 PM

I like it! Keep up the good work :)

In Topic: MOBA - Ability Bug

15 November 2015 - 01:46 PM

For bugs that are hard to re-create or seem random I usually find extensive logs very useful. So one idea is that the developers integrate some heavy logging into the game and then try to dig up the bug :)

In Topic: [Beta][Browser game] Astrum Regatta - 2D space trade sim mmorpg

31 May 2015 - 11:49 AM

I did a quick check and I can say you have invested quite amount of effort in this game. So congrats on reaching beta :)


But I didn't orient well in the UI and quit it after a few minutes. 

In Topic: Roguelike combat system

18 February 2015 - 11:18 AM

Thank you all for the answers, there are lot of useful ideas. When I come up with something I will share.


For now just a screenshot for my own motivation:



In Topic: Who wants to make a game?

15 January 2015 - 03:17 AM

I am currently working on a very casual project - building a roguelike game. It is for Windows and I am using VS2012, C#, Monogame framework. For source control I use git, the project is hosted on github.com. If it sounds interesting to you, maybe you can send me a message here. Just to warn you, this is a hobby project on the side, so i am not always active.


Have a nice day.