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Roguelike combat system

17 February 2015 - 05:58 AM

Hello guys,


I am developing a Roguelike game as a hobby and I am at the point to decide about the combat system. For now it is very basic, each character has 4 attributes: Attack, Defense, Damage, Health. Only melee combat is implemented as follows:

if (Attack > Defense) then Health = Health - Damage

But I also like to implement ranged and spell attacks. So do you have any suggestions for combat system? I would like to keep it simple and fun, so novice players won't hate the game at once smile.png


Have a nice day!

[ComputerVision] Detecting lips contour

03 May 2014 - 06:04 AM

Hello everybody,


I am processing images of people and I am trying to find out if the person is smiling or not. My idea is to find the contour of the lips and implement some kind of machine learning to determine if is is a smile or not. 


The setup:

What do I do now:

  • find person's face using Cascase classifier
  • find the person's mouth within the face using Cascase classifier
  • find the ALL contours in this mouth rectangle(one of the all should be lips contour)

The result:

  • it returns only one contour that is the boundary of the mouth rectangle which is NOT the desired result.


I am new to Emgu CV library and still reading through its documentation and examples, but if you have some experience with it or with computer vision in general, please share your thoughts.


Have a nice day!

Can't remember name of an old game...

31 December 2013 - 06:14 AM

Hi all,


Recently I was trying to find a game that I was playing back in the 90's. All I remember is that it had cartoon-ish graphics and it was platform game with puzzle elements. The story was based on history of the USA, each stage was an iconic place in USA (statue of liberty, rushmore mountain, some fort in texas during mexican war, etc). And it was a game for a PC. This is what I remember for sure!


Also I think that the game executive file was AA.exe or AAA.exe and the title had something to do with "adventure", "america" or "awesome". And yes I tried to google all that "facts" that I remember and didn't find anything.


So please if you have any idea which might be the game, please tell me :)


Best wishes and Happy New Year!

72 hour project

14 September 2013 - 01:58 PM

Hello all,

For the next 72 hours I am on a holiday with plenty of spare time. So please give me an idea for a game to work on, only requirement is that the game will be in 2D. I am going to use C# with XNA. If I produce something playable, I will release the code.


Have a nice day!

can you re-open my thread?!

04 January 2013 - 03:42 PM

my thread has been close because I asked something out of topic, the moderator (tom sloper) didn't give me a warning, didn't edit my last post, didn't move the thread, instead he decided that the proper action is to close it. well for me a CLOSED thread is a really big deal as if I want to write something on the same topic most people should mark it as useless spam and disregard it. I am very disappointed with tommy's actions, they may be right but still a warning is needed....
so if anyone can reopen my thread and move it to GDNet Lounge, where I can write whatever I want, I will be extremely grateful.