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Journal Entries

The Dev Journal > Dev Journal: Detecting Tapping and Pressing inputs using Java.

Posted 22 March 2014

I'll be showing you a simple way of detecting different input keystrokes using Java. There are two different keystrokes for a computer keyboard, tapping and pressing. Tapping a key means the user is pressing the key and letting go immediately after. Pressing a key means the user is pressing and holding down the key until the user wishes to let go.

In Jav...

The Dev Journal > Dev Journal: 2D sprite animation using OpenGL ES 2.0 for Android

Posted 21 March 2014

Chapter 7 - Making heavy use of Android

You probably might see that the way I write this journal is a bit different than my other entries. The fact that I'm using Chrome for Android to write this, means that I'm lacking the WYSIWYG editor most people are using. So, there won't be anything to show, even images and screenshots.

I'm currently using AIDE,...

The Dev Journal > The Dev Journal: How I brought new life to an already wasted creation

Posted 19 December 2013

Chapter 5 - Adding ingredients I loved to the cauldron.

The first game I got into was not actually a PC game, but rather the oldies my dad put on a CD-ROM for me to play with. The CD-ROM was packed with emulators and old copies of obsoleted abandonwares, such as The Incredible Machines, The Oregon Trail, Peanuts: Math and Numbers, Jumpstart First Grade...

The Dev Journal > Balking it up: Why I am doing this?

Posted 09 December 2013

Chapter 3 - Questioning my demo.

Expecting some sort of ideas, guidelines, or tips for improving arbitrary concepts, instead, I get asked about why I'm using Java AWT and pixel manipulation techniques, and not graphics libraries, such as libgdx, jMonkeyEngine, etc. Good question, folks, good one. You can see the questions yourself: here , here , and her...

The Dev Journal > The First Journey: I hate this so much...

Posted 01 December 2013

Chapter 1 - The Introduction I Disliked About.

This is the first part of the many infinite journal entries I'll be doing in the future. This is a diary, without written dates or manuscripts about identities in which they are not relevant to what I'm about to do and write, that only keeps log of my production and developments of game projects I had done...