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Business model for content pipeline tool

05 February 2014 - 07:22 AM

Hi there!


I'm currently working on a content pipeline tool for my next game, and I decided to release the tool to public when I finish it.

However I was thinking about a commercial model for the tool.


I plan to opensource the tool and not obligated to continue its development since I want to concentrate my time on my game rather the tools for it (however in a very unlikely reality where it will become very popular, I might decide to maintain it).


Under the above circumstances, should I bother about license based business model? Or simply accept none forced donations from those who will use it and be willing to donate?


Does applying a license based business model to an open source software have a proven records of being successful?


Just co clarify: The tool is simple but very handy, therefor I do not plan to charge hundreds dollars for it, just a small charge per project, and most likely only for commercial use (i.e. those who are going to use the tool for non-commercial project - wont have to pay license fee).


In case of a license based (or any other commercial model), should I care about registering LLC company, or I'm safe being represented by myself?


What are your suggestions?



What do you do to develop your creativity?

30 January 2014 - 07:49 AM

Hey there!


Programming and especially game development - is a creative process. Game developers are like tiny Gods who creates their own worlds, with their own rules, characters and stories.


I was always amazed about how creative some people might be. It started with reading books with amazing stories and now looking at indie developers creating their awesome worlds.


The problem with me is that I do not consider my self a creative person. The best I can do is to think of a remake of an existing game other than inventing my own atmosphere and story. However I do believe that one can develop his creativity.


I'd like to hear some suggestions from you guys. If you consider your self a creative person (either by thinking of your self as one or being told by others that you are such), please share how do you develop your creativity.



Questions about level design and format

07 January 2014 - 07:59 AM



I'm doing a 3D tower defense. My levels are simply rooms with paths (without roof) that will be viewed from top / isometric.

Every level have:

  • Target - The target that needs to be protected by the player and destroyed by the enemy.
  • Enemy spawn points - Points where enemy waves will be spawned.
  • Places where player can put the towers / turrets.
  • Other per user defined triggers that are part of the game play.

I'm planning to use blender as a modelling tool.

The levels wont be huge, but will be bigger than the screen area, thus requiring the user to scroll to view the full level (Think of Age of Empires like levels).


I know that blender is pretty flexible on defining user data / triggers / entities, however I'm not sure that the default export format of blender is optimized enough. I need help regarding choosing an already existing format that suits my needs (lets say portal like level, with static geometry and custom entities like the ones described above), that can be exported from blender, OR recommendation on how to design a format that will suits my needs.


Rendering is done using OpenGL. Programming is C++.


I'm not sure this is the right forum section for this question, if I'm wrong, I'd be glad if this thread will be moved to the right section.


Thanks you!

Lack of motivation. Plenty of will.

18 December 2013 - 05:24 AM

Hi there!


Usually I don't whine about stuff, because somehow I'm able to fix and take care of most of the problems my self. But for now I'm a bit lost.


I'm almost 25 and I work as a web developer and in my free time, apart from going out and playing games, I also program and jump from different topics this including game dev, os dev, embedded and web.


I live good. I have a job that I do not hate most of the time, I have a place to live, I have a loving family and I don't lack the attention of friends. (I'm missing a girl though mellow.png  but not sure it bothers me too much as the topic in this thread).


One quality of my personality is that I don't like to depend too much on other people. Therefore I try to be as independent as possible in every aspect of my life. I got my own car only because I did not want to be depended on the mood of my father and letting him decide if I can take his car today or not. I moved to my own place, just be able to live at my own schedule other than sharing it with my family. And more and more less "big" things. Of course I can not be 100% independent in every aspect of my life, but I try to minimize those aspects.


Some might say its good, others think its bad. I don't care, that's not the point. It works for me and not necessarily will work for anyone else.


One thing that bothers me for now, is the dependency that I have at my job. Of course being an employee, means that you have someone who manages you, your responsibilities, your time. I don't like that. As I said, I want to be independent. Therefore for a long time I created a vision that I, as a Man, should be my own employer. I should be my own boss. Manage myself.


But when I take shower, I don't get great ideas. I'm sort of lacking creativity. Hence, I can not find my niche. I'm lacking motivation.


At first I though to start an embedded business in home automation industry. I bought a lot of electronics stuff, sensors. Read a lot of datasheets, tutorials. Created ideas for how I would like to have my home, and started to dream of me creating a production line of home automation hardware and software for masses. But by the day my packages arrived, and taking in account that some packages got lost and never arrived, I lost my interest and motivation in this field.


And then I opened my github, and saw the code I was doing 3-4 years ago in game development. Now when indies have easier access to their customers and investors (kickstarter, indiegogo, steam and more), I though to my self, that all I need is a simple, fun game, with clean revenue of 10$ per copy and 100,000 copies, and Ill reach a goal of 1M$ (the dream that everyone have). From there I can setup a small studio and do what I really like to do for the rest of my life.


But usually, I jump from topic to topic and take things out of proportion. Hence I believe that soon Ill loose the interest in that as well, because I'm too young, inexperienced and think the world is pink, and my "awesome" plan is not that easy or awesome.


I just want to find something I'm good at, something I like, and something I can make money of.

But I don't know what I like. Today I like game dev, tomorrow it can be os dev, next month is web dev and etc.


I'm lost. I want to be self employed. I want it for more than 6-7 years, but nothing happens. Usually I'm able to fix my problems myself. But not this time. This time I'm lost and I'd like to ask for advice.



Suggestion for a cross-platform C++ 3D game engine/framework

03 December 2013 - 05:22 AM



I'm looking for a C++ 3D game engine/framework which is either free or cheap for indie developer, available for commercial use.

Those are the features I need

  • Free or cheap for indie developer and available for commercial use
  • Written in C++ (preferably C++11 - not mandatory)
  • Cross platform: Windows, Linux and Mac. Consoles/smartphones are not mandatory.
  • OpenGL 3.x+
  • Graphics Subsystem with Scene graph, animation, particles, font, sprites
  • Sound subsystem (either in the framework it self, or ability to attach 3d party API like OpenAL)
  • Physics Subsystem (either in the framework it self, or ability to attach 3d party framework like Bullet/ODE)
  • GUI subsystem (either in the framework it self, or ability to attach 3d party framework like CEGUI)
  • Input subsystem with support for keyboard, mouse and gamepad
  • Scripting support either using Lua or JavaScript (v8)
  • Tools to create content OR ability to use Blender as content creation tool
  • Preferably and not mandatory - Entity subsystem using Component based design.

A big list I got there.. Hope such beast exists.


[Edit] I know there is Unity3D, but for me it looks like a tool where you create content, put it all together, write few scripts and you got a game. While I do want to make games, I also get great satisfaction from Programming.


[Edit2] Its not mandatory that this will be one library. This could be a set of libraries that work together with each other. I'm ready to implement the glue code and missing functionality.


[Edit3] I got a suggestion about this http://mosra.cz/blog/magnum-features.php It have support for modern OpenGL, OpenAL and Bullet physics. I assume its possible to attach GUI, scripting and Entity system of my own to it.


Thank you in advance!