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programmable / scriptable open source large file text editor - anyone know any?

14 July 2015 - 11:41 PM

does anyone know of an open source text / binary editor that can open large file, and also support script.


and when i said large, i mean large. something like emeditor level.


i mean, some database error, in just few days, could already generate 2 gb or bigger trace files. or log files.




ps - except VI. I need something user friendly.

android - apk drive by download

17 September 2014 - 08:54 PM

first : let me say I have googled.



yesterday i was browsing a very popular website for the first time (its about cars, I'm planning to buy one). what happened was i think one of the advertising caused a pop-up (another tab on android) and it automatically caused a download of an apk - without any interaction of my part.


while the download bar is showing, I quickly swipe right.


- so, does this cancelled the download? i do notice the file exist, maybe partial download?


in the security setting, I doesn't allow installation from unknown source


- so, the APK won't be installed, right?


I think it is strange that is happening, since I was using Chrome and not the provided Samsung Internet. Not starting an app war, is Firefox better on Android in stopping this drive by download? Thanks.




from the link above, it seems that androind is not investigation friendly, but from the download folder is seems the apk is MoboMarket.apk. A quick google lead me to this:




Does anyone else experience this? Drive by download of MoboMarket.apk? Thanks.

Candy Crush Blue Bird - Bad Idea?

01 May 2014 - 08:21 PM

Candy Crush has a new game mode involving a blue bird that you have to keep stable.


But here is the problem: random is NOT on your side (more on that later). And the law contradict itself.


First, while moving the scale based on your action is nice, it should not move based on something out of your control - eg: falling new candy. Nothing is more sad than to move a candy, NEW candy fall in, connect, clear more area, and may clear more area involving candy not related to the scale, and more NEW candy fall down, clearing candy related to the scale, and you've lost in an instant. There are cases I lost just by doing a move. And its not even involving subsequent candy connect (which is unrelated to the scale) but it just clear an area, new candy falls in, and suddenly you lost.


Second, there are time you need to clear stuff up. Doing combination is nice, except, this is a sure fire way to also quickly lost.


Third, while it can detect no more moves, it interestingly cannot detect no more LEGAL move. In short, if the random causes the only next move is a red candy, and your red candy scale is next to breaking point, you have no choiche than to move it, and fall the scale, or BUY moves.


Lastly, so called "bonuses" is not a one time purchase, unlike Plant & Zombie trees, it recurring purchases. The question is, how far can you trust the "randomness" of the game?


If I remember correctly, in case of Diablo 3, wasn't there a time where the developer mentioned that awesome drops is harder to get to make people using "auction house"?

Python 3 + Linux terminal

17 April 2014 - 03:18 AM

How do I write to a terminal using Python under linux?


For example in Ubuntu you can open two terminal, type 'tty' to get the handle. and you can pipe between them. for example you can type in one but the output get out on the other one.


So the question is...


1. how do I open a new terminal in Python and already have the handle?

2. or if I already have a terminal window open, provide this to python?

3. how to I write to terminal? including newline?


for example this:


-a person open a terminal window

-run my app

-provide the tty handle to my app

-my app ask for name

-print out "Hello name" in the terminal window.

-and provide a new line / enter

-so that I can also send 'echo 'name' to the terminal and press enter.


I'm new to python but I've been googling but can't even find a simple app that print hello world to a terminal window in linux. you know, something as simple as:


-ask for terminal tty handle

-print hello world in the terminal


is it tty? but python lib is not helping and it seems tty can be used for text files too?


I already google but either tty in python is too enriched or what I have no idea.






Open source html editor capable of loading large html files

29 September 2013 - 10:21 PM

Does anyone have experience in using open source (or free) html editor / viewer that capable of loading/viewing large HTML files?


I'm using a tool that (depending on situation) generate 15mb to 50mb sized html files. This is outside my control.


The problem is that Chrome just wouldn't stop loading, the same with FireFox. I tried some html viewer / editor at Portable Apps (some of them free) and its all hang or just won't load (I use Ubuntu linux, btw).


Currently my only workaround is to open it under NotePad++ and copy paste the table I want to view into another html editor. (this is because the html would contain a lot of tables). I'm only interested in certain table, but the tools just generate things as a whole large html files.


Does anyone have experience in loading / viewing large html files? Since like I said, my only option currently is to open it in Notepad++, which strangely, load 50mb html just fine.