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Beginner engines

26 November 2012 - 02:52 AM

I need some help to pick free beginner engine that is 3ds max -export -friendly,to have easy interface,
be artist and beginner friendly.

I am 3ds max artist,animator and level designer ,and no programmer,and do not expect to get help.Also the budget is zero so think only the beginner and free engines if there is one not in the list.

I had tried unity3d,Udk,dxstudio,Cafu,Neoaxis,and other.Half engines were too difficult for me and the other half were feature crippled free versions that you had to pay for demos and examples-which could not get.Or simply there were good enough documentation
Through the years i vhae seen various game engine lists,but lately i am looking at that.


Right now i am checking Ardor 3d since i noticed they got enough recent forum posts.
I am also considering Delta3D , Away3D (unfortunately (for me) Intermediate)
PixelLight looked good but the forum does nt look like many are using that,

JMonkey Engine does nt look from far that easy to me and but i could be mistaken,but it could be like unity 3d that you got to script all from scratch (since i can not buy any premade stuff).

Most of all i need alive forum so i can expect some help and nice help documentation,if the docs can be downloaded even better.

I was thinking to work on 3d isometric dungeon crawler hack n slash with WASD movement - not so click and move.
Have default textures applied automatically during export and not having to do all things like that by scratch,and generally the shaders to be easy to set up.

Could be offline or web based online small open world forest with some dungeon entrances to enter further,free to play.

Now,except that style,if the engine can be easily customized through script to make 3d side scrollers for possible future projects,or has such bug free demos -even better.

I could do the game editing as a hobby to get the game design and monsters as i want them to look as i want.Yet consider this is not my main occupation and i do not have unlimited time to spend,but i could spare enough hours every day.

If needed i would fake some functions i can not script with plain animation and various tricks.

Are the 3d web games still slow,or do you think one of these beginner engines can do it?
Like uploading open world huge forest area as a small online a free to play

Lets say this is not my main occupation and i can not spend day and night at the pc to try engines.
I now check each engine forum and if i see many today and yesterday posts at their forums im thinking it may be worth browsing the forums and google them for degree of development.

I used reality Factory from 2001 that required no programming and was nice and easy but it got too old to use from some point and the dungeon looked to empty because i could nt put enough polycount in it
I would appreciate if you can warn me about some engines,whether it is just about the web functionality or general performance and ease of use.

Thanks in advance

P.S.world beginner could make you think :ok let them know the basics using that now and later they can switch to another more decent engine.
I would prefer if i spend enough time to finish at least one game with the engine ,and not having to transfer a project during the middle of development.

Max 2009 SDK Files

06 August 2008 - 02:01 AM

I was using a small game engine called reality factory,and i needed a model exporter pluggin for Max2009. Someone from the Reality Factory forums has made exporters for Max 2008,and he needs the files of the Max 2009 SDK to compile again these pluggins for the newer max version. I use max 2009 design,which does not include the SDK,and i think that the service pack which has several fixes and the sdk is for max 2009 only. So i cant give him the Sdk. I thought maybe someone may have Max 2009,(not Max Design 2009) and can give me a temporary link to download the Sdk files,so we can then re-compile the exporters code.