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In Topic: Next-Gen OpenGL To Be Shown Off Next Month

Today, 01:22 AM

I got the feeling, that the current API generation is getting more in the direction of a plattform dependent, partership-only programs:
- PS4: sony API closed/NDA
- Mantle: AMD only, no public API yet
- Metal: ?
- DX12: not released yet, most likely only known to certain devs.

n.b games consoles have always had low level GPU APIs cool.png

PS4/Xbone/WiiU/PS3/360/Wii/Vita/3DS: all unique closed/NDA APIs.

Mantle / DX12: in private beta.

Metal: available for iOS8 development.


D3D12 and GLNext will of course be cross-vendor.

Rumour has it that D3D12 will run on all hardware that D3D11 runs on, using the same feature-level mechanism -- i.e. from SM2/D3D9/GL2 era to the cutting edge.

Hopfully GLNext contains a similar feature level mechanism; I personally find feature levels a much, much more developer friendly alternative over classig GL's extension spaghetti...


Mantle is currently AMD only due it still being in development, but is specified in a cross-vendor way... but my bet is that GLNext will be a replacement for it.

It seems to only exist as a huge threat against Khronos -- make GLNext, or we will replace you ourselves.

In Topic: VR devices are coming this summer

Yesterday, 05:32 AM

What I'm curious about, is if there will be some Shared API/SDK, it will be tough to manage several of them in your applications
They'll all have their own SDK's, but Valve has already had a shared SDK wrapper for a long time (although so far there hasn't been very many products for it to be a wrapper for). Hopefully now they'll continue to maintain this wrapper to make dev's lives easier.

In Topic: Is this concerning or just laughable?

Yesterday, 05:26 AM

Obviously I can't speak for others' personal views, and personally her words don't anger me. I think the fear is more that, through social pressure, people with views similar to hers will force change on the industry and take away their toys. It's happened before.

You're comparing a critique with the prohibition? Really?
On one side, you've got a critic, saying if they were making games, they'd try to make them more inclusive -- and that if you're a dev, they think you should make your games more inclusive, and if you're a player, they think you should ask for games that are more inclusive.
On the other side, you've got a group that are actually organizing censorship campaigns via actual boycotts, which are actually doing real financial damage to industry groups who's crime is facilitating discussion.
Not only is the prohibition a rediculous analogy, but you're applying it to the former group instead of the latter? Dear lord!

When I see the definition of censorship according to ACLU:

Censorship, the suppression of words, images, or ideas that are "offensive," happens whenever some people succeed in imposing their personal political or moral values on others. Censorship can be carried out by the government as well as private pressure groups. Censorship by the government is unconstitutional.


Do you have any game developers on record saying they feel like they're being censored? Because it really sounds like you GG folk are inventing an enemy who doesn't exist, and then rushing to defend a victim that doesn't exist.

Because you know what? In the Melbourne gamedev scene, when someone links to a site showing the the infamous, dangerous, plotmaster-critic Sarkeesian is going to be speaking in Melbourne in the near future, the reaction is not of fear and loathing. In fact many devs in my building are curious enough to go and actually listen to the blaspheming critic's words in case they might perhaps find something of interest they can take away from it. The horror!

On the other hand, earlier in this thread you linked to a GG blog where someone (who's opinion you apparently value) has decided that it's offensive for Intel to care about the diversity of their workforce, and are actually calling for a boycott of Intel products because of this. They're actually attempting to inflict financial damage on a company -- not just sway their opinion, but actually hurt them -- because said person is offended by their policy of inclusiveness.

GG has also ran boycott campaigns against numerous games websites, even ones as well respected as Gamasutra -- not because of any allegations of corruption -- but simply because they found a particular article on there to be offensive.
There's no reasoning with these people. It's complete doublethink!

In Topic: Next-Gen OpenGL To Be Shown Off Next Month

Yesterday, 03:16 AM

Vulkan sounds pretty cool for a GPU API name biggrin.png

*conspiration on*
Vulkan (if you interpretate it as german word, it means vulcano), therefor a vulcano which penetrates the mantle to access the power of the core....
*conspiration off* laugh.png

Doesn't a volcano penetrate the crust, allowing the mantle's heat to wreak havoc? cool.png

In Topic: Multi-billion dollar idea NEED programmers/developers for Project. Join Silve...

Yesterday, 02:08 AM

Multi-billion dollar project .... Unpaid project
Which is it?


If unpaid, post it here: http://www.gamedev.net/classifieds/category/5-hobbyist-projects/


If paid, post it here or here: