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Journal of zedz > Untitled

Posted 04 September 2009

Ive been a bad boy + quickly threw together another demo, I was seeing how competitive breakout/arkenoid/pong would be, you against the cpu, the one to knock out the most bricks wins (perhaps expand to 3 or 4 players).
I dont know if Ill take it further though, I dont know if the ideas got enuf merit.


Anyways back with the...

Journal of zedz > Untitled

Posted 22 August 2009

Ive been slacking a bit recently
but heres another demo


-- aim is collect all the jewels (theyre inside the asteroids), u can drop a huimanoid to pick all the gems up

-- controls --
mouse with both mouse buttons

Ive removed all the enemies so as not to taint other ppls ideas. Im wanting ideas from other ppl of what...

Journal of zedz > Untitled

Posted 16 August 2009

sorry no demo, actually slacked a bit over the weekend, only coded for 5 hours total.
added box2d support for the physics now (Though I still do my own collisions)

Journal of zedz > Untitled

Posted 14 August 2009

lying bed last night drinking some wine (to aid the flowing of the creative juices mind)
OK bugger reality + the clichedness.
How about if I add asteroids, which u shoot + they break apart to create more gems.
also limit the players lazers to only onscreen, ok which is a bit stupid since bullets dont disappear as soon as theyre not visable (whats...

Journal of zedz > Untitled

Posted 12 August 2009

going reasonable I suppose (hopefully a big push this weekend + a new demo out), theres little men run around picking up the jewels now.
see the 100 above their heads thats their health, Im not sure what to do with this though, as it might make the game to difficult,

@AEdmonds no idea about that viruse, I downloaded the latest virusscanner + ran it...