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#4119962 List of physics engines and reference material (updated 7 March 2011)

Posted by on 13 December 2007 - 02:48 AM

Physics abstraction layer interactive benchmark graphs (to help you choose the most appropriate physics engine)
Evaluation of real-time physics simulation systems (contains a matrix comparison of the features of 7 different engines)
Evaluation of Physics Engines and Implementation of a Physics Module in a 3d-Authoring Tool

Physics content creation:
Scythe physics editor

Adrian Boeing's physics engine list
Wikipedia Physics Engine article
Racing car physics
Chris Hecker's Rigid body tutorials
Roy Featherstone's publications (see the excellent overview paper: Robot Dynamics: Equations and Algorithms. IEEE Int. Conf. Robotics & Automation, pp. 826-834, 2000.)
Gaffer on game physics
Flight gear, aerodynamics
SSS, aerodynamics

More Engines:
see Adrian Boeing's physics engine list, eg:

-OPAL is no longer being developed (ie:dead)
-Tokamak is publicly available, and open source, see tokamak downloads