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LV-341B > basic GUI design

Posted 19 October 2014

I lacked time this week, but I managed somehow to design a simple GUI system :typedef void(*guiFunction)(void);typedef void(*guiFunctionKeycode)(char);typedef void(*guiFunctionObject)(guiObject&);class guiObject{public: guiObject(); virtual ~guiObject(); bool initialize(Game& g); void event(const sf::Event& ev); virtual void draw(sf::Rend...

LV-341B > Let's start !

Posted 11 October 2014

Hello everyone,

As I haven't coded for quite a long time, I'm starting a simple project.
It will be a 2d turn based horror/hunting game, with an "Aliens"-like ambiance, with some roguelike-ish elements.

I'll be using Code::Blocks for the C++ coding, Paint.net for the graphics, and Audacity for the sounds & music.

Though I'm using Windows, I'll try...