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In Topic: Intrigue - become the king or die trying

04 January 2012 - 04:31 PM

Happy New Year! To start it off well, we are finally bringing you some gameplay screenshots. Enjoy!

And so the game begins...

Posted Image

It is good to be the king!

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One down, five remain. Who will win the crown?

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In Topic: Intrigue - become the king or die trying

05 December 2011 - 06:41 PM

We were hit by a slight delay in publishing the last episode of Meet the Court, but it's here and we can all find out what happens when kings get mixed up with conspiracies.We are working hard to finish the game in the near future and we are happy to report that the musical score for the game is ready and art is not far from being finished. The game itself is tested, as we speak, and will be polished until it's sparkling ;) Gameplay is coming soon, technically lurking around the corner. We will be starting with gameplay stills, but videos will follow shortly.

Meet the King

There are only two kinds of kings: those who were born to take the throne and those who claimed it. Neither of these paths guarantee a strong and wise ruler, but they do give the king the absolute power to rule the realm as he pleases. Even if heads do not roll every Monday, the monarch will face waves of enemies from within and abroad. Even if he does not bathe in blood, there will be some, who will try to murder him, probably in an inventive and cruel way. The weight of the crown is not to be taken lightly. It can easily become a burden that may bring even the most able of men down. Will the king have enough strength and wisdom to wear it or will history remember him as a terrible tyrant or a clumsy fool?

Posted Image

A battalion of trumpets finished playing final, triumphal notes of a proud melody, as the early morning sun was shining through the windows. Even before the last sound faded away, the royal secretary announced the king's approach. "His Majesty, Alexander, first of his name, Protector of the realm and its people". Every single person present in the audience chamber stood up and faced the throne. As the king entered, pulling a long cloak made of the finest velvet and furs, everyone, save for the king's guard, fell to their knees to honour their sovereign. Lord and ladies in front rows did not miss to notice that the monarch was not exactly in a good mood. In fact, his face was darkened with wrath. When his majesty finally sat on the throne, most people in the room realised that the chance of having a decent breakfast, away from the royal dungeon, decreased drastically. The king's voice met nothing, but silence, when it came out like a thunder. "Council members, come before me at once.". Several men seated in various places around the king approached. There came the always anxious minister Termole, closely followed by ever vigilant general Raynald. Out of the shadows came cardinal Razarin. Baron Valefort left his group and strolled towards the king, as did the young prince Nicholas. All of them lined up a short distance away from the king. They were met with king's attention and anger. Everyone in the chamber held their breath, as the monarch was about to continue his speech. "You are all traitors. Plotters. Backstabbers!". Drops of his majesty's spit reached the accused group. "You dared to plot against me? Your king?! You shall pay the price. Off with their heads!". Panicked and surprised cries erupted from the line. Some of the courtiers shouted, pleaded with tears rolling down their chins. Others stood silently and only their eyes expressed how shocked they were. As the guardsmen pulled them away, the king's voice thundered one more time. "Wait". This single word brought hope. Was the king going to reconsider their sentence? Was he going to spare them? "My son". The king looked at prince Nicholas. "Yes, father?". "I have decided to change your fate. Not only have you betrayed your sovereign. You conspired against your father. You are no longer my son and the heir to the throne. You shall hang like a common thief. Take him to the gallows". The few remaining colours on prince's round face faded away, leaving only an expression of pure horror. He tried to mumble something, as he was carried away. Alexander was used to tough decisions. The future of the entire realm rested upon his shoulders. He knew that at least one of the people he sent to die today was innocent. Or maybe two. Or perhaps more. However, he did not have a choice. Someone from the council was plotting to have him killed and this plan was close to fruition. He could not let that happen. Even, if it required him to sacrifice his son. The king's justice had been served. Alexander was not happy, but he was pleased that this ill matter was over. However, he failed to notice that his jester was about to pierce his royal neck with a rather sharp dagger.

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In Topic: Intrigue - become the king or die trying

04 December 2011 - 03:08 PM

Small delay with this week's Meet the Court final episode! It will appear tomorrow and feature a bonus to make up for the longer wait :)

In Topic: Intrigue - become the king or die trying

27 November 2011 - 04:34 PM

The work on Intrigue continues and we are quite optimistic about dates and such. We should finally be showing off gameplay around the time we release the last episode of Meet the Court, which is going to be next week!

Meet the Baron

Kingdom needs a king, but a king needs vassals to rule over. Without their support, his reign could be short and end quite painfully. What better way to gain such followers than by awarding them lands and proud titles, giving them great influences and trusting them with raising an army, should it be needed to defend the realm? That is how noblemen are made. Some may even rise higher by offering special services to the kingdom, making friends at the court or by cunning intrigues. Baron is one of the few who worked his way to the king's side with all of these means. As the most powerful aristocrat in the country, he does not lack coin or swords. Truth be told, the only thing currently out of his reach in this world is the crown. Will he follow the lust for power and turn against the king to take it for himself? Or will he prove to be a man of honour, respecting feudal laws and his liege?

Posted Image

The smell of burning candles, made from the best bee wax in the entire kingdom, filled the chamber. A few groups of people were present in the room, keeping a safe distance from the vacant golden throne, watched over by two knights of the king's guard. One of these groups was gathered around a well built man, dressed in exquisite garments, flashing a number of rather large gems on his very gold rings. He was not the king, but someone unaware could have taken him for one. His posture, his voice and glare - all of them suggested power and the will to use it. Those understanding the balance of power in the kingdom knew that the man in questions was baron Valefort. Some whispered he was the second most powerful man in the realm, right after the king himself. Valefort never denied these rumors, neither did he confirm them, not to risk the king's wrath. It took him years of efforts, loyalty, taking part in his majesty's wars and loaning the crown handsome amounts of gold to win a place behind the throne. Listening to all those lickspittles grouped around him made him sick, but he understood he needs them and a little bit more time with them to fulfill his ambitions. "They say I am the second most influential man in the land. I know that not to be true. I am the greatest and they will find out soon enough". Thoughts like that have helped him, since he became the member of the court. He was barely able to stand other courtiers, especially the obnoxious prince Nicholas and that old fool Raynald, who always looked at Valefort, as if he was a traitor. His relations with the cardinal and the minister were not much better, but at least they were able to reach a certain understanding. As to the king... it was a long story. A story which, as Valefort was well aware, would end soon and not with a happy ending.

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In Topic: Help decide what education is needed to become a game developer

25 November 2011 - 04:25 AM

I'd recommend a CS degree, like the few of my predecessors. It gives you the knowledge and skills, which are essential for game development, but also do not restrict you to game development in any way. It is always useful to have a back door in case you don't get a gd job immediately after graduating. As mdwh noted, it is also better to formally learn about the foundations and underpinning of modern software development (and generally computing science), rather than focussing on a specific technology, which might be forgotten in a few years time. Either way, be prepared for further studying, as computing and game dev evolves :)

In terms of recognising academic record, you'd think it's always for your benefit, but it's not. If you apply to a professional studio, which is interested in your development as an engineer, they will be more than happy to take a look at your academic results (especially if you are a fresh graduate and have little experience) and consider good grades a big plus. Better yet, they might support you in your further studies - for instance, I am doing a PhD in CS and my previous gd employer was quite helpful and interested in my research. However, I also had the misfortune of applying to a studio, where my higher education was considered a bad thing and I was told that my efforts to earn a PhD are certain to make me arrogant towards those members of the team who do not have a uni degree. Nice way to start an interview... if you do happen to run into people like that, steer far, far away.