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In Topic: I'm desperate. Isometric Mouse Coordinates

07 May 2013 - 10:21 AM

Thank you guys for the precious info!

In Topic: I'm desperate. Isometric Mouse Coordinates

06 May 2013 - 10:18 AM

Thanks for the reply.


I already knew those links. The first one doesn't explain how having the mouse at the middle-top of the screen translates itself to 0,0 isometric coordinates. wtihout knowing this the colored tile is useless. As for the second link, I'm affraid that math is too advanced o me...

In Topic: Need guidance on which gfx lib to use for .NET

20 March 2012 - 09:13 AM

DvDmanDT they are familiar but lack tutorials. Anyway, I've discovered Gorgon lib, it seems it does exactly what I need. Fast 2D in a simple and easy way. I'm going to try it today, once I get home.

In Topic: Need guidance on which gfx lib to use for .NET

20 March 2012 - 03:51 AM

I really miss Managed DirectX Posted Image
If only I knew Managed DX libs would continue to function for some years I would still use them.

In Topic: Need guidance on which gfx lib to use for .NET

19 March 2012 - 04:00 AM

Thank you all for the replies!

I tried already SlimDX but the lack of examples pushed me away. The small differences they state for the "easy" translation between DirectX and SlimDX tutorials are enough to don't let me achieve nothing. Although SlimDX seems to have a solid development rate, I prefer to loose time with something even more certain like a gfx lib from a bigger corp (aka Miscrosoft). Nonetheless I'm the one to blame for my poor DirectX skills.

Dynamo_Maestro / DvDmanDT:
I actually did tried XNA yesterday, but after a huge battle on how to render it on a panel I gave up. I need to build an engine capable of rendering to a panel inside the editor and into a form for the game's output. These conditions are non-negotiable. I know its possible to do this but the examples I tried were too confusing for me.

laztrezort :
Yesterday, late in night, and after testing SlimDX and XNA, I managed to increase the render speed of GDI+ drastically. It turns out that if I pre-render the full map into a huge BMP and then if I just render a cropped area into the screen the efficiency is absurdly increased! I even tried rendering a 4800x4800 map into a estimated 2500x1100 screen size (the editor's form stretched between my 2 screens) with an average speed of 50fps! This is definitely more than enough! Since my tiles have fixed sizes 48x48 they don’t overlap, making constant map updates scarce. I just need then to draw the units and other interactive objects over the cropped map.

Just out of curiosity, what would you say about Silverlight and WFP for simple 2D games?

And just to finish, if I actually needed a step-by-step example on how to deploy a XNA device into a panel would someone care to do one? Because, I might had found a solution for now regarding GDI+, but I now in future it won’t be enough, I guess…