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What Are You Working On

18 March 2015 - 07:56 PM

Hello. What are you working on?


Whether you're working on a game, tool, engine, library, textures, concept, music, sfx, shaders, website, tweaking gameplay, animation, design document, character sketches, mods, or anything, post about it here.


Post screenshots of your work at the current state if applicable, even if it's glitchy graphics, or rough art. We know it's work in progress.


Post snippets of the code you've been writing.


Get feedback, and give feedback.


Include at least project/work name, tools, libraries, and languages used, as well as any more information you'd like to share, such as links, when it will be finished, where and how it will be released... etc.


Now let's see what you're spending your precious hours on instead of playing games or being with your family!

HBox: C++ Box Layouter

17 March 2015 - 05:11 PM



Hi guys! I'm working on a simple C++ library that can be used to layout boxes for GUI things. It's still work in progress. If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions, or any kind of feedback, I'm looking forward to it. More info here:





I would have posted this in 'Your Announcements', but I'm thinking doing that when it's ready is more appropriate. I think there should be a forum called 'WIP' where members can post about what they are working on and get feedback.


Thank you.

How do you email?

10 December 2014 - 07:23 AM

Hello. I have multiple email addresses, some of them are from my own domain (for interacting with customers etc). I'm also responsible for an email address for my work place.


What do you use to read and write emails? Do you check for emails every now and then or do you keep a client open for instant notification? Do you use an email client or a web service (which client/service)? Do you care about google reading your emails (even business ones) when you use gmail? What's your favorite device for your email needs?

How to make money out of this

22 September 2014 - 08:13 AM

Hi all. I know this is not really game development-related, but GD is my home and I love you guys! A while ago I posted in the lounge to get feedback on whether a tool for line-art had potential, with a demo video. I also posted the same topic on a more art-centric forum, and I received moderately-encouraging feedback. Well I've decided to go ahead and try to finish it and hope for the best, then move on to something else.


My question this time is about the best way to make money out if it. Some points to consider for this case are:

  • It is still in working-concept stage, and at its current stage, it's not ready for public consumption.
  • I feel I could benefit greatly from user feedback (most importantly ideas), the earlier the better.
  • I've decided to avoid aiming for an all-in-one package, and instead focus on one particular task: intuitively and quickly creating clean line-art, using a minimal GUI. It will be priced accordingly.

First impressions tend to stick, so I'm hoping for the first public release to be impressive enough to avoid losing lots of interested people from the get-go, yet I can't hope for good user feedback without a public release.


Someone suggested crowd funding. There is also the freemium model, or "pay as much as you want". Or maybe freeware with ads. What do you think would be the most suitable choice in this case? Thanks in advance.


Does this have potential?

14 August 2014 - 03:22 PM

Hello everyone. This isn't really game-development-related, but I'd like your opinion on this as software developers as well as users.


Some time ago I worked for a good while on a program, "Curver" I called it, which focuses on implementing a natural workflow for working with line art. Then I put it on hold in favor of other projects and some real life circumstances. Anyway, now I'm at the stage of finding a project to start/resume. With financial interest in mind, do you think this project has potential? What to add to it without complicating it too much? Would it generate a good user base?


Basically, what are your thoughts? Thanks in advance for any input smile.png