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In Topic: Ambient Horror Exploration Game "I Can't Escape"

13 February 2013 - 01:05 PM

Thanks a lot for your comments! I'm glad you enjoyed it, you guys really "got" the game! Even though nothing seems particularly scary by itself, the atmosphere, the music, the art, even the game mechanics and several subtle tricks all come together to create a sense of dread and fear.


As for the music, I think it's interesting how it has a musical quality. The game is not in your face scary, so neither is the music - it can even sound somewhat nice at times, but there is always this subtle "something is wrong" feeling. Someone commented that eventually even the eyeballs began to feel comforting, as at least it didn't feel like they were all alone (which shows how dark the atmosphere gets)! If you start to map out the maze, you'll notice something else is quite wrong with the maze as well!

In Topic: Ambient Horror Exploration Game "I Can't Escape"

10 February 2013 - 04:35 PM

Update: Curious if it's possible to escape? I have some hints and tricks about the game here: http://www.indiedb.com/games/i-cant-escape/news/can-you-escape

In Topic: Atmospheric Scattering and dark sky

06 October 2010 - 05:16 AM

Your HDR to LDR equation maps 0-infinity to 0-1, but this means that only infinite values will be mapped to white, and (1,1,1) will be mapped to (.865,.865,.865) gray. True HDR to LDR conversions take into account the average luminance in a neighborhood scale based on that so that dark areas will be lightened more, and light areas will be darkened more. However, to fix the dark sky, just use a different hdr to ldr conversion. Personally, I would just try gamma correction, replace vColor = 1.0 - exp( -2.0 * vColor ); with vColor = pow(vColor,1.0/2.2); This is still not a perfect hdr to ldr conversion, but it will brighten up the scene in a nice looking way.

In Topic: gl_FragData[0] not working

26 April 2010 - 08:48 AM

You'll need to post some code, specifically your framebuffer initialization and your call to glDrawBuffers.

In Topic: OpenGL Drawing Lines and Points at perspective corrected sizes

28 February 2010 - 08:48 AM

Not with glLineWidth. The best way to do it is to just render the lines as camera aligned quads. That way, you get perspective corrected distance for the line width, it's not that much slower, and you can add geometry like line caps to fill the gaps caused by lines with non-unit width.