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#5037655 I'v got an amazing idea and around 25k to spend on it. Now what?

Posted by on 28 February 2013 - 10:29 AM

If you are such a hard core developer, then do the initial programming yourself, and you only need to find some artists.


You could also work on a smaller budget title and sell that to get some recognition before spending all your money on one huge game that could end up failing. For example if you start with a 2D game you would just have to get one 2d artist, and you could do the programming.

#4990432 How to program with multiple languages on one project?

Posted by on 15 October 2012 - 10:46 AM

Pick a language that makes the most sense for the game you are designing and learn that. Using two languages for central components is just dumb. I can see using different language for some scripting or web based components, but otherwise it will be way easier if you both use the same language.

To me it sounds like you should spend more time learning the basics of programming before working on something as complex as a game. If you really do understand the fundamentals of programming picking up Java should be fairly easy, at least for the basic stuff to get you going on your project. I would personally recommend moving to something like C# or java anyways, as they are far more popular than Blitz Plus.

#4989168 Garbage Collector?

Posted by on 11 October 2012 - 11:20 AM

Either use smart pointers, or use a language like C# or Java that has built in garbage collection. Bolting a GC into C++ just seems dumb... defeats the purpose of c++.

#4988714 Should you support Linux?

Posted by on 10 October 2012 - 07:40 AM

Linux users are completely willing to buy good commercial games. Take a look at the Humble Indie Bundles... Linux users consistently pay more for the bundle. The numbers are not as high as Windows, but enough to justify releasing it for the platform. And as others have said, Valve is now going to support Linux... so that is a good sign that there are Linux users willing to pay for games.