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Medieval Inn Music Pack

14 April 2015 - 02:43 PM

A royalty free music pack from Arteria3d, featuring 9 tracks composed with authentic instrumentation with Lute, Harp, Flute and percussion, as if a group of medieval musicians where playing in an Inn.  With tracks like 'Hero Of The Tale', 'A journeyMan's Song', these music tracks will set the scene for your projects, especially for video games, where you could have them trigger when the player enters the Village Inn, complete with log burning fire, and dimly lit by candlelight.
Audio Previews on Product Page
Pack just $19.99

Fantasy Battle Cinematic Music pack, plus first 30 customers recieve a track written fo...

10 January 2015 - 09:37 AM


9 tracks feature in this Fantasy Battle Cinematic Music.

Produced in the Arteria Music Studios, featuring an array of Orchestral ensembles, and intense percussion, this pack is essential for your cinematic battle scenes, for medieval or fantasy settings.

The pack was original devised to feature ten tracks, but then we thought of a special promotion for our loyal customers.

If you are one of the lucky 30 customers to purchase this pack during this weekend's release, you will receive a tenth track, IT WILL BE A CUSOTM TRACK WRITTEN EXCLUSIVE AND JUST FOR YOU, and not be resold to any other customer!!! Pack features all 9 tracks in Mp3 & OGG formats.

There is a counter on the product page, detailing the countdown from 30 - you will instantly know, if you are one of the lucky 30 customers to receive a track written just for you.

just $19.99


Castle Keep Pack jus $4. Only 3 days to go until VAT changes affect EU purchasing.

29 December 2014 - 08:57 AM




For the first 70 customers only, Arteria are offering their highly detailed Castle Keep Pack for just $4

Remember, Arteria wont be selling into the EU from Jan 1st until further notice, which means customers in the EU wont be able to purchase from Arteria until we decide the time is right, therefore now is the time to purchase any packs you need.

Product Page - $4

As mentioned in my previous post, im waiting for admin to get back to me on some questions, before getting our content on the asset store here.

This cannot be missed.. All content for just $27

24 December 2014 - 12:29 PM


As a one time Spotlight deal, for just 5 hours, cusomers can gain access to ALL building content packs you see on Arteria3d for $27. That all in a never to be repeated deal. Once purchased you receive 3 weeks download time o download all products.

This offer applies to only the first 55 customers

Purchase below:


Victorian london SoundTrack pack released

23 December 2014 - 05:13 AM

This collection of music is inspired by Victorian London - The Horse Drawn Carriages, cobbled streets, Misty Alleys, Private Detectives, to Smithfield Market and Whitechapel.  Contains 8 tracks that you can use royalty free in your game or video productions without paying any further costs to Arteria3d.
Pack provided in MP3 & OGG format.  Customers can request WAV after purchase if needed
Pack just $9.99 for first 50 customers.
Product Page: