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In Topic: Combat and Parley in RPG

17 April 2013 - 10:05 PM

I don't think I ever really used the 'yield' feature in Oblivion and in Skyrim I know I had problems un-equiping my weapons. What if there was an equipable item like a white flag you could use that basically said "I yield" to everyone around you? It takes up both hands so it's like unequiping your weapons. Different flags could also communicate things like "I surrender", "I want to talk", "I want to negotiate terms to cross your lands", or "If you attack me, the guy who sent me will bring his army to murder your whole family".

In Topic: Combat and Parley in RPG

15 April 2013 - 03:12 PM

I would imagine that parlay would be easiest either before fighting breaks out, or after it ends. In the first case, bandits could approach, say "your money or your life" and the player can attempt to speak then. Otherwise, a fight breaks out and the player can use nonlethal attacks (sleep spells, stunning, paralysis, etc) and once an enemy recovers from that there is a window of time where dialog is possible. To end a fight with speech likely requires using something to temporarily get everyone into that state of letting you talk. Basically, knock everyone out with disabling spells, let them wake up, then talk to them to get them to stand down. Oe perhaps firing off a powerful spell "just to get their attention" will shock them enough to gain you a moment to start dialog.

In Topic: What would you design if you had UNLIMTED funding?

14 April 2013 - 09:49 PM

Holy crap randel that is an awesome idea! I love you ( in a non wierd kind of way) for coming up with that.


Thank you! Glad to help. I admit that my only real experience with online FPS games is with Team Fortress 2 and Planetside 2 (both free to play) with other FPS experience from the Bioshock and Fallout games. So my thoughts will likely be more cartoony or "fantastic" than something like Call of Duty (I think, never played it).



Anyway, to elaborate on my rough idea, I think there could be several possible "factions" in this hypothetical game.


Pirates - Basically modern day thugs and hackers. Make use of shotguns and other salvaged/modern weapons and the more technically inclined could set up the turrets and stuff. Not proffesional soldiers but creative and willing to scrounge for stuff and use tech. Occasional nerd lingo seeps in and jokingly act like naval pirates.


Ninjas - Professional killers who are more serious. May be more stealthy than pirates and use better weaponry, but could have trouble scavenging ammofor their better guns (these ninja do use guns, at the very least things like sniper rifles and silenced pistols). They also have melee weapons (potentially silver coated blades later on).



Werewolves - Humans mutated into werecreatures by a curse. Standard grunts are like your typical zombie mooks but maybe faster and have nasty claws and teeth. All have a weakness to silver and more powerful ones heal in the presemce of moonlight. Later on you can find things like weretigers or the like. To add dificulty, werewolf howls attract their allies and the smell of blood frenzy them. Perhaps a "big boss" werewolf could look perfectly human with a coyote head like the Egyptian god Anubis (god of death, I think). Anubis gets something weird like the power to ressurect fallen werewolves or grant them power (as if he constantly radiats moonlight). Killing anubis may or may not end thw Werewolf apocolypse.



Frankenstein Monsters (or Flesh golems, or The Revived) - A blending of mad science and magical necromancy. These golems are made up of stitched together body parts, treated with chemicals (which may include some weird ingrediant like werewolf blood) and animated with electricity. They are moving glaciers, no stealth, no weak spots (shooting them in the headjust could be completly useless if their brains were repositioned to be in their chest or something) they are just a wall of muscle moving to achieve their goal. They kill all their enemies and bring the corpses to some place to make more golems. More powerful golems may encorporate pieces from defeated werewolves. They aren't vulnerable to anything in particular (perhaps fire freaks out the weaker ones) but they do require electricity to heal (like how werewolves need moonlight but moreso). Their "boss" could be some mad scientist who seeks to triumph against Death (Anubis). His golems were at first simply failed experiments to ressurect the dead, but when the werewolves appeared he used them as soldiers to defeat the werewolves (and any humans who get in his way).


For laughs, his very first attempts at ressurecting the dead resulted in something like mummies. Very humanlike golems (possibly with full intelligence) who are perpetually wrapped in bandages since the revival process didn't heal their surgical scars (actually, given the Anubis/werewolf thing it could make sense).


The ninjas and pirates don't necessarily have to be seperate teams (at first). You could have one faction of "survivors" where the pirates are like the engineer and light assault class while ninjas are the snipers, melee class, and maybe the guy with the rocket launcher (since rockets are something only a professional should have access to).


I suppose it would be funny to have vampires show up as enemies at some point.... only to have the pirates, ninja, werewolves, mummies, frankenstein monsters, and possibly robots (from the engineer class) give them a long hard look before ripping them apart.


I have no idea if this would make a good game or plot or whatever, but I figure if you can make a decend shooter game, and maybe toss the labels around (no need to make it cartoony or obvious, modern day pirates and ninja assassins probably look alot like your standard thugs and mercs) but the sheer idea of a shooter with ninja, pirate, werewolf, mummy, frankenstein monsters should help your game stand out from the standard zombie shootemups.

In Topic: What would you design if you had UNLIMTED funding?

13 April 2013 - 02:05 AM

Minor suggestion: I would suggest trying to mix up the standard zombie survival shooter thing. Try something like... werewolves or vampires or perhaps some kind of army of frankenstein golem/zombies. The zombie apocolypse thing has been done and I would venture to say that you could do better by trying to add your own spin to it.


Lets say you use werewolves. For your first demo you could just have the enemies be really hairy humanlike guys who creep around with sharp teeth and claws. They are like "zombies" but you get the feeling they have a reason they don't need weapons. Then later you establish that these guys heal or get stronger in the moonlight, so your characters would do better to fight them indoors in dark spooky corridors. If they fight the werewolves indoors, its claustrophobic and scary but if they fight outside the wolves get extra tough and heal their injuries quickly.


Then players figure out that silver kills these guys like nobodies business so they have to loot jewelry stores and melt down the silver to make bullets. Then when they kill a wolf, dig through their insides in an attempt to salvage the silver. If there is an economy among the survivors, you can bet that silver fetches a high price,etc.


Oh, and make wolf howling be terrifying. Alert a woff to your presence and he'll call up his buddies to make things miserble for you. Have random howls in the background to let the player know they are still out there.


That's just what you can put in the demo. If you add stuff, you could include increasingly powerful werewolf forms, new weremonsters, and maybe some kind of thematic point about how the human survivors of the disaster can be just as monsterous as the half-animal things they are fighting.




Or the Frankenstein monsters could be like zombies but more militant and powered by electricity... you see them kill people and drag the bodies back to some lab to mix them with chemicals and renimate them with electricity. Missions could be made to destroy generators that power the monsters (or try to capture them for human use.



Oh, and the protagonists are pirates. They download MP3s, carry guns and swords, and are prone to looting (like pretty much all post-apocolyptic survivor protagonists do).



Just saying that you can think of some simple ways to set your work apart from others to increase your chance of success. Don't have to completly change things, just add a different perspective or an interesting feature.

In Topic: Ideas needed for Blacksmith mini game.

12 April 2013 - 03:52 PM

Check out the flash game Jacksmith if you haven't already. It should give you some ideas. Do you intend to have your blades break or dull with use? I think having the material determine the weapons durability would be the most intuitive. Damage would likely be a function of how sharp or well balanced the weapon is (with that decreasing with use depending on durability). Perhaps you could add a way to re-forge broken or outdated weapons so players can stick with one "favorite weapon" and improve it over the course of the game. Or, they start with an iron sword, then can reforge it to steel, silver, adamantine, etc until they end up with their Infinity+1 blade at the end... but it's technicaly still the sword they started out with.