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#4818811 Help with a name

Posted by on 02 June 2011 - 01:43 PM

Voting for Runewright.

#4816574 Need help thinking of a name for a third person shooter.

Posted by on 27 May 2011 - 03:44 PM

I like the ideas King of Swing has come up with. And no. No hurt feelings here as well. Its good to have other eyes to take a look at the ideas and suggestions that is being taken and removed for something else. King your doing fine. Everyone has opinions. And its all good for joe copper to help out. Thank you. I hope I have given you, King, some ideas to think about for your game. I enjoy helping out others that need suggestions, ideas, or just want to talk.

Keep going Swing.

#4816096 Need help thinking of a name for a third person shooter.

Posted by on 26 May 2011 - 10:29 AM

No I like The Target. I was just saying that in the beginning of your post that is what I had typed for your game title but we accepted with the new change title. I havent got to the design doc. yet. Did you send it to me in email? Check your profile comments. Its there. I will also check out your journal right now.

That last paraghraph sounds cool for a chase scene. I was wondering if you add a water fall or something at the end of the lake and the helicoptor swings in front of that and the Alex Blake takes the boat for a jump. The boat goes through a water dock shelter up the ramp and out the other side and Alex jumps from the boat into the helicoptor?

#4816025 Need help thinking of a name for a third person shooter.

Posted by on 26 May 2011 - 07:14 AM

LoL. Funny I hag suggested King Of Swing from the beginning and then we went to other ideas for his game. So the main title is still up for grabs as it were.

#4815090 Need help thinking of a name for a third person shooter.

Posted by on 24 May 2011 - 06:40 AM

Yes. Your correct about the American Eagle. Yeah either way is fine for the player to take control of Alex to meet the President or cut scene. I think your right. Most people or players as it were would like to walk up and meet the President than to have a cut scene. And for the place of Demetri than Ivan is fine as well. Ivan has been used quite a bit in video games and movies.

Added Edit:

Your welcome with the final script scene. It seems right for what you wanted in to final ending for the first game.

#4814839 Need help thinking of a name for a third person shooter.

Posted by on 23 May 2011 - 07:30 PM

Oh wow. What a great idea you have there. The one that stands out to me is Operation: Fallen Eagle. But this sort of contradicts itself about United States as it were being fallen under the conspiracy. Unless you have other plans and it sounds good. I only point it out because the EAGLE is America's National Bird. But again I could be looking it from a totally different view.


I like the final ending as it stands out. Yes, a sequel would be most appropiate for your storyline. Now that I think of it, Operation Fallen Eagle makes more sense that the meeting was in some way trying to take over the United States but like in the end, We The People Stand up for what is right for the citizens in our nation. So yeah. Sequel a must. This final scene would be awesome for a omage of a Mission Impossible, Bourne Supremacy feel to it.

A huge ceremony for Alex Blake and everything looks to be normal until a cut scene inturrupts the ending with credits still rolling by on the bottom of the screen. Four F.B.I. Agents walk up to Alex at the Ceremony and tells him that the President wants to see him personally. News reporters cameras flash and trying to get comments from Alex Blake and his companion Ajax. Ajax stands in front, trying to block the media from following. Doors open up and then shut from behind. Alex is in the middle of the Agents as they continue to walk down some corridors and enter a secret elevator of the White House. Down a few more corridors and thjen at the end of the hall is the double doors to the Oval Office. The doors open up and the group walks in and the scene is cut. Credits roll by and animated scenes area shown in silence. At the end of the credits. A last voice over animated scene is shown. Camera pans back abit and views Alex shaking the President's hand and says something like " When do we start?" Camera pans back to the President and says, "Imediately". Camera goes from interior shot of Oval office to Exterior shot of the White house and views the entire area of Washington and the Washinton Monument. In the lower right hand corner of the monitor shows the President's Helicoptor take off and flys into the view of the players. Credit still rolling. Music ends and Sequel title rolls up. End GAME.

What do you think? Any comments, ideas, suggestions?

Instead of Ivan. How about Demetri?

#4812568 Need help thinking of a name for a third person shooter.

Posted by on 18 May 2011 - 09:58 AM

Yeah. Go for the timing of hide and seek from dodging or crouching under, behind, around corners from being sought after, Use disguises to get through a wel crowded area in malls, airport terminals, hospital lounges, city streets, amusement parks, stadiums, entertainment venues.

Can obtain any vehicle in close proximity to take advantage for offense and defense covers.

Combat from each location can be obtained after being trained or sub trained by the unit Alex works for or by citizens he encounters helps him out. This way its like an upgrade for the character / player to learn through the world instead of having the combat already handed to the character. Well. Alex will already have some training from the unit he works with or maybe some hidden talent he has learned before getting pushed into the unit he works for.

During the game, Alex can acquire flight lessons? Not like GTA. Where you just get in a plane and fly and the plane or helicopter dynamics are meager. But just to let everyone know that was not a flame or put down on Rockstar's GTA franchise. I enjoy those games. I am relating it to the dynamics and ability to fly.

Just some ideas to incorporate for KingofSwing94's video game storyline. I put that idea in the reference to make it like James Bond due to him always or nearly seen in flying planes or taking planes to exotic places.

To answer your question about REP on Gamedev.
You can give rep to other members on the forum who you think or have read a good or great article that you enjoyed or others have given good or great advice helping others like I have given you. Just click on the thumbs up or thumbs down at the lower part of the topic when you few topic windows. Reputation points are a good way to show others that your feedback are helpful for others to learn more about something they don't know have haven't learned yet. But You already know this by now.

Keep up the great work on your game project. It has potential.

#4812547 Need help thinking of a name for a third person shooter.

Posted by on 18 May 2011 - 09:15 AM

What about this Game Title?

1: Enigma Theory

#4812472 Need help thinking of a name for a third person shooter.

Posted by on 18 May 2011 - 05:45 AM

Aye, go ahead. Feel free to take the idea. Its yours bro. Glad you liked it. Yeah Damien Verios sounds like an interesting name already. Feel free to ask more feedback on suggestions, ideas, concepts, backstories etc.

I wrote that hospital escape chase scene with a Jason Bourne esque sence of style. Quick, Heroing, I also wrote it like I see it. Would love to see this part and maybe any more other parts as a film script.

#4811972 Need help thinking of a name for a third person shooter.

Posted by on 17 May 2011 - 10:02 AM

Hello KingofSwing94,

I would like to help you out on your game title, but from reading your quick sypnosis (backstory) it seems cliche. Most shooter games or storylines some how begin with amnesia or being tide up in a chair under heavy guard or no guard what so ever to get out of the area after being woken up by some guy or female on a monitor screen and telling the subject at hand to just go kill their enemy targets so he or she doesn't have to.

But maybe there is a certain reason why you have this main character in a hospital.
I can see a chase out of the hospital from the top floor or some where in the middle of the floors or Alex races to the stair well and runs and jumps between the stair wells being chased by the (Enigma Corporation ?) As Alex gets to the parking lot structure he must fight his way through the blockaides of Doctors, Nurses, Security Officers, Police Officers, and men in white or black suits or some different colored suits that are trying to get Alex back to sadate him. At one end of the parking garage he finds a motorcycle in a caged area and uses a tool from the area from maintenance to cut the chain and hop onto the cycle and starts it up and more enemy characters follows suit after him inside the cage. Alex uses the cycle to spin out and thrust the enemy characters back to the cage fence and Alex races off to find the exit. Alex heads into a blockaide again from the ground level exit so he finds another route and decides to go up the ramp to the top floor of the parking garage. The ramp is a spiral ramp and Alex drives up this. All the while being shot at from the enemy from every other floor and from vehicles chasing Alex. But when Alex gets to the top of the parking structure no where to go. But on the other side of the hospital grounds he sees more parking garages. Alex takes off through the double pane window doors and drives through the top floor of the hospital corridors. Around blind corners and through the hospital patient glass record room. Glass shatters everywhere. Crowd scatters. The speakers are blown with the security officers to alert other officers from around the hospital complex that a dangerous patient is trying to escape. Alex gets to the other side of the hospital complex and finds the much larger parking garage. He drives up the ramps and gets to the top.

Finally at the top, there Alex sees a package at one end of the parking lot. Alex gets to the package.

It reads.

Mr. Blake Open Immediately!

Alex turns around and sees no one yet. He opens the package and finds a parachute with a note. The note tells him to jump off the building before its to late. When you get to the ground. Go to (unknown location) and wait for new orders. Just when Alex was putting on the parachute pack, parking garage doors open up with a horde of men running and shooting at Alex. Alex steps onto the edge and jumps off. Half way down the Alex pulls the chord and his parachute opens up and an explosion rips from the parking garage. The explosion was just large enough to cause some damage to the crew running after Alex.

Police sirens and fire trucks off in the distance drive to help the victims at the hospital. Alex glides a few miles away into the city Middle East streets to find some cover for awhile to get his new orders whatever it may be. At this moment a Title sequence is shown.

Alex Blake is King of Swing
Alex Blake is King Shooter

#4800338 How much time do you spend on game design?

Posted by on 19 April 2011 - 07:21 AM

In my years of designing as a hobbyist working on board game projects, tcg and ccg and small wwII strategy table top games, I notice that its alright to take as long as you need to work out the mechanics of your projects thoroughly then to rush through a project to find out that the game your worked on doesn't play or doesn't flow like you had hoped for.

I am still working on my survival horror board game and first stcg (strategy trading card game) since 1999. Those are two of my biggest projects.
The board game to computer game idea prior to my suvival horror board game took me two full years to draw out a top view fantasy action adventure board game. from 1992 to 1994. It started out as a large maze but decided to work on it as a dnd similar type game. The map is 13 1/2 feet in length and 4 1/2 feet wide. The map also consists of two sections.

Yes way to long for these projects. But I like to have the adventure in creating the storylines and mechanics as I go. Thats the whole idea of creating these game projects right?
At one time I would like to have seen these projects on store shelves but with one person its an enormous task but its okay. Just going through the paces.

#4787335 Looking for some opinions on my gun customization system

Posted by on 17 March 2011 - 10:57 PM

Here's a thought that just came to me.

This has never been done before. And I don't think ever. Why don't you have the character have metal or some type of heat glove to wear he can pick up the shells from the gun he just shot and put them in a bag or something to throw at the enemy. I mean have you ever picked up a hot shell after the bullet has been fired. Its hot. Till it cools off for the several seconds your running away from the enemy that is closing in on you if you ran out of bullets to shoot at the enemy with?

I know it sounds silly but it would be interesting to use this extra object to use as a throwing object other then grenades, molotov's, chairs, tables, gasoline from gas cans, Ohh now that would be interesting. Some gas and a lighter and KABOOM!,

Or how about spreading grease all over the floor to have the enemy come running in after you and it slips and falls backward, Instant knock out or a 2 hit kill shot? Just as the enemy slips and falls you blow the enemy or creature away even further backwards back into the room or hallway it just came into.

Your first ideas are fine.

I like upgrading my firearms during firefights or at least changing my firearm with a more higher stopping power.

With each firearm use the real world firearm capacity. Don't overload the firearm with this and that. Keep it real and the players will feel more comfortable than never able to reload. Its like ubershooting. Unless its a particle laser but most of the times you need to recharge the laser gun to reactive it again. Which can be a small portion of character strength and time cunsumption.