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Health bar / Attack bar

17 May 2011 - 09:04 AM

I have noticed in many games now or just recent ones about health bars and attack bars that the game designers have only designed these key features to only be 2 inches, 6 inchs or just like in Monster Hunter the health bar and attack bar now expands to the edge of the top part of the screen.

In the PC Raptor top view shooter game the health /attack bar is on one side of the screen that stretches from top to bottom.

My nephew's and my question is.

Why hasn't there been a game with a wrap around health or attack bar the exapnds along the entire monitor or screen? The only way I ever would see this style of wrap around health /attack bar would be for insane sci-fiction space game. Similar to Omega Boost from PS1.

Ideas, suggestions, concepts, any feedback would be helpful.