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Gobang Social, an iOS game by Kwalee

02 April 2012 - 09:22 AM

Hello fellow developers!

I am a programmer at Kwalee, and we've just released one of our iOS titles worldwide. Its a FREE turn-based 5-in-a-row game which you can play with your friends in a similar fashion to Words With Friends and Draw Something. We're after all kinds of feedback, good and bad, so let us know what you think! There's a couple of hundred people playing the game now. The best way to get started is to hit new game, login using Facebook and choose random opponent and send your move, or alternatively invite some of your friends.

All of the developers are active players, so you might get one of us Posted Image

Couple of screenshots below:

Posted ImagePosted Image

And of course, get it here free from the App Store.

Other links you might be interested in:
Basically, we're after any feedback we can get - the App Store is a learning curve for us and we're busy finding our feet. We've got several other games in development but this one is first to market. Feel free to ask me any questions you like about the game, or Kwalee in general. For those of you that don't know, Kwalee is a new UK smartphone studio formed by David Darling, co-founder of UK developer Codemasters.


Forgot to say there's an update in the works which will address several issues that our users have reported Posted Image

2D Lighting in OpenGL w/ Texture Quads

10 March 2010 - 03:44 AM

Hey guys. I'm working on a little 2D game using OpenGL, and for the most part things are going well. Initially I was using SDL but found it a little bit too clunky - the move to OpenGL was both quick and worthwhile. I would like to implement some simple lighting into my game but I'm unsure of the process in a couple of areas. I have worked out that I can re-colour each corner of my texture quads selectively illustrated in this image (lower-left corners are shaded blue): Click for image. What I'm intending to do is specify a list of lights with the following attributes: position, radius and intensity/brightness (non-directional). However, I'm unsure of the maths and the best method to work out which corners of the quads to recolour assuming they are within range of said lights. The other thing I'm unsure of is how to handle quads that are within range of multiple lights, so the calculation needs to take into account multiple re-colours. I also make the assumption that there is a calculation based on the light's intensity and the distance from the quad I'm going to re-colour, which will probably just effect the alpha value specified in a glColor call. Does anyone have any suggestions that may help? I have read various other posts from a search but these often involve image-based lightmaps which is not something I'm too concerned with. Also, please ignore that my BG image is not tiled, it soon will be :) Cheers for the help!

Help required (with free pie!)

15 February 2010 - 04:56 AM

Greets fellow GD.net'ers! It would be great if you can do RPNi a huge favour! We're currently in the process of collecting/analysing some data on the iPhonee gaming market and it would be a great help if you could spend 5 minutes completing our simple online survey - we promise you free pie! *grin* The survey is here: http://www.roguepirateninja.com/community/survey We are also quite happy to share the results of the survey with you in exchange for linking to/promoting the survey itself, you might find the data quite interesting. Give us a shout out @rpninteractive on Twitter for more info. Also any further feedback related to the survey contents or the survey itself, please feel free to reply to this thread and I will reply ASAP.

iRis AG v1.1 out now on the App Store (RPNi)

16 October 2009 - 07:34 AM

Hey GameDev.net'ers! I've not posted here for a while, but I read the forums often :) Over the summer I worked for Rogue Pirate Ninja Interactive (RPNi) and we have just released a new version (1.1) of our 3D puzzle title - iRis AG. We waited for this version to be released before doing any marketing because we wanted to get things spot on. The Game "Relive those classic arcade moments with a fun new twist! iRis AG is a unique, fast-paced, color-matching puzzle game sure to keep your fingers busy. Eliminate falling blocks by connecting similar colors, but instead of guiding them as they fall you'll move the whole world around them to put them in their place!" "As blocks fall, swipe your finger back and forth to match four of the same color together, then watch them disappear. Take out all the blocks at the bottom of a pile, and the whole tower gets taken with it. Keep on combining blocks to earn as many points as you can before the mass bar fills. Then take your score and claim your place on the global leaderboard!" Screenshots screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3 There are plenty more shots and also a gameplay video HERE (I didn't want to spam the forum). My Role Over the summer I contributed to the iRis project as a programmer. My work mostly concerned the fixing of bugs and refactoring existing code. The whole process was a huge learning curve for me as this was my first real programming experience outside of university life. Over the time I feel that I grew as a developer and got to grips with a whole new language and skill set. Coordinating distributed development across different countries and timezones is no easy feat and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jonathan Wolf, our project leader who kept the well oiled development machine chugging along. (See the crew HERE). I would also like to thank Jonathan on a personal level because he has often acted as a personal mentor to me – above and beyond the call of duty. With his help I have identified a number of key areas that I would like to improve upon in order to become a better programmer. Development Shots Here are a couple of development shots from iRis AG (then called just iRis). These images demonstrate the evolution of the game’s UI over time, designed by our very own Ben Simonds. ui_wip Future Works RPNi intend to continue the development of the geWiz ES engine used to power iRis AG. In addition to this we are beginning the preliminary work on the next official title. The next game will build upon the lessons learned during the development of iRis AG, the good and the bad. We now know what works and what doesn’t and we will use this knowledge to make another kick-ass game. Watch this space! Feedback If you have access to an iPhone/iPod Touch please try the game and let us know what you think. All feedback is appreciated and will be taken into account whilst developing our next title. The full version of iRis AG costs just £1.19 on the UK App Store ($1.99 in US), but you can also try the game for free upon the release of the lite version. Extras Here are a couple of extras that we thought you might like! 1. iRis AG OST by Bradley Burr of OC ReMix. 2. iRis AG wallpaper pack by Ben Simonds. Thanks! We really appreciate you taking the time to check out our game. As I said before, all feedback is welcome, we look forward to seeing what you think of iRis AG!

[.net] C# / Mono + memory concerns

22 January 2009 - 05:53 AM

Hey guys, I have recently moved my C++ game engine project over to C# and Mono in order to get some quick prototyping done and to learn more about C# as a language. I still aim to complete my C++ project but it is easier to test things out quickly in a .NET environment. I have a written a function that uses Tao.PhysFs to load files from an archive, and it maps them into a MemoryStream object. I can then use this object to manipulate the files in various ways. Currently, I'm using it only to create a Bitmap texture for font rendering. I would like someone to check over this function for consistency as I'm concerned about memory usage/leakage - does the MemoryStream object (and therefore the loaded file) get garbage collected once the object has gone out of scope? For my bitmap texture its not much of a concern since this is used consistently during the engine's execution. I'm more concerned about smaller files I might load for quick reference, are they going to linger around in the memory long after they were used? The function can be seen here: http://gist.github.com/50606 (Feel free to modify it if you can explain the reasons for change). Thanks in advance, James