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Some "Noob" questions from someone who shouldn't be a noob

24 May 2007 - 06:51 AM

Hi, In my past lives, I developed games for a living, and i recently have decided I want to brush up on my C/C++ skills (having lived in an PHP/Perl world for the past few years). I discovered SDL and am enjoying it. I just finished a tetris like game in Linux and with the exception of some fine tuning, its quite playable. So I started to port it to windows. Well I don't have a Windows Dev environment, so I found Dev-C++ which seems to do the trick, but I havef several questions (and I've googled the heck out of them and read a lot of try this messages. My first problem is I get a ton of linker errors, most of them are stdlib/libc type things like printf, read, strchr, etc. Mind you the code compiles file and links fine in Linux. I get no compile errors so its finding the header files fine. In addition to not finding the libc things, its not finding any SDL libs. I have most of them installed (questions on that to follow). Any way, I have the -lmingw32 -lSDLmain -lSDL -lSDL_mixer -lmwindows in my linker options for the project (I've tried them on one line and on seperate lines in the project manager). The project's dev file is set to be a CPP+ program. If I try and build the app like this, I get a zillion linker errors on stuff that it should be finding. I can turn on the "Make an Objective C" option and the mass link errors go away, but I'm left with it not being able to find -lobjc. ( Don't think I want to be building an objective C, since its just a straigth up C/C++ program (some objects, but mostly C'ish stuff). This was a brand new fresh install of Dev-C++ 4.9.9.x (the latest). I also downloaded the SDL and SDL_mixer install packs and Dev-C++ installed them with no problems. So I'm missing somehthing quite obvious, any ideas? Also, How do I get the TTF library and the SDL_image library as devpaks? Thanks Rob