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Another date thread, apologies in advance

21 April 2005 - 08:16 AM

Actually, fairly good news for once. I have a possible date in the works and I was excited and, to be honest, incredibly bored. It seems my roommates are all moved out and there's nothing to do with no tv and I should be packing... Nope, now I just have a compy. And though I love Compy, I don't want to spend all my time with him so I'll leave you all in a bit. The girl's name is the ultra-common Brittany, she has long brown hair died red, is an EE major, tattooed, and awesome. We seemed to get along really good for awhile, but she had a boyfriend. Now she's single and I asked her to dinner and she said yes... but unfortunately she told me a little later that she had made plans with her friends before I asked her out and said she was sorry cause she said it looked bad. I'm trying to pick a new time, very soon. Unless she's messing with me, in which case I wouldn't want to date her anyway. I can't lose! Well, back to packing, wish me luck. Oh, and if it goes well, I'll post a picture, if not I'll reply to this thread. Cheers.


14 April 2005 - 11:59 AM

So I walk into an office room that a lot of guys I'm friends with and myself hang out sometimes and what do I see but two of those guys wearing a Horse costume. Next thing I know I'm holding a video camera and videotaping their exploits as they wandered around campus nuzzling up against a bunch of girls and making the horse do a bunch of weird things. There was a charter bus and they just got on it somehow with a bunch of people in the bus wondering the heck was going on. There was a tour going on of the university and a bunch of people tried to get their picture taken. The BAD thing is the camera was almost full so I didn't get a ton of video even though most of it was hilarious seeing people's reactions. Anyone have any similar experiences?

Pspice-dependant source

07 February 2005 - 08:23 AM

Normally I wouldn't ask even a remotely homework related question, but so far I've been looking all over the place and I can't see any clear instructions on how to put a voltage-dependant current-source into my pspice project. I am using Orcad Capture 9.2 Lite Addition, and I've looked through the help files and I've done some searching on the internet and the only thing I found was someone asking this same question who didn't get a response. My professor today was asked this question by a student and all he said was "try 'gain'" which is a part I can't find any documentation on although it does exist. I'm guessing the way it will be done is I label the nodes as something and there is some way to enter this into whatever part I actually need, be it 'gain' or something else. I am at my wits end with this program! If anyone can help me I'd very much appreciate it.

How Warsong Would Post If He Had Any Sense

07 December 2004 - 04:02 PM

One of the first things I was told when attending a class on writing fiction and poetry was that so-called axiom: don't tell, show. It seems to me that Warsong tells everyone, instead of showing them, that they are wrong. He starts the discussion with "I'm right" instead of, "this is what I found, what do you think?" So I decided to pretend I was Warsong and make a post in his honor(so to speak) That is, what's a good way of trying to get people to listen to what I have to say about something? Here goes: Topic: Education in the United States Post: I was just looking around and found a "Report Card on American Education"(pdf) from the American Legislative Exchange Council(ALEC). ALEC says that they are bipartisanly supported by american legislators with the belief that educational problems can't be solved by spending more money on education.(as I understood it) Their report ranks each state in terms of NAEP scores for 8th graders, ACT and SAT scores for high school students. In addition they also rank each state by amount spent per student, pupil-teacher ratio, average annual salary of their instructors, and more. In the summary of their findings they report(page 4 on paper, page 12 of the pdf) that "Of the ten states that increased their per pupil expenditures the most over the past two decades—Georgia (+109.2 percent), Maine (+108.1 percent), South Carolina (+97.8 percent), Indiana (+97.7 percent), Rhode Island (+90 percent), Kentucky (+87.9 percent), Vermont (+87.2 percent), West Virginia (+86.8 percent), Ohio (+86 percent), and New Hampshire (+83 percent)—-only New Hampshire (6th) and Vermont (7th) ranked in the top ten in academic achievement." (emphasis added) My home state of Michigan ranked 30th for academic achievement, 11th for expenditure per pupil, and 5th for average annual salary of instructional staff... so their report seems to validate their stance that more money spent doesn't equal higher achievements in education. What is your take on this? Did ALEC take everything into account in their analysis? End Post------------------------End Post So what do you people think? Would Warsong still have a rating if he posted his findings like that?

Friggin bat

17 August 2004 - 04:10 PM

So I'm minding my own business browsing teh intarweb on my computer when suddenly I see something out of the corner of my eye and I'm like "wtf?" I'm a coward so I jumped out of my chair and left the room and asked my mommy for help dealing with the thing. At the time I didn't know if it was a bird or a bat, but I was leaning toward bat. So I managed to get dang thing to the kitchen and the bat flies down the stairs. I closed the door leading to the basement and sighed with relief and got back to more internet browsing. A few minutes later the bat is BACK in my room and I realized there was a huge gap under the basement door that the creature must have crawled under. It wrapped it's little tail on the ceiling crossbars(you know, the things that hold up the ceiling tiles) next to a wall and made this scratching sound. I wondered if it maybe ate the rat that was also living somewhere in the house. My mom and I just kinda stared at it, trying to figure out what the hell we should try. Finally we just opened the front door and started shoeing it out with towels. This was easier said than done because the damn bat wouldn't go out the door, it just kept flying back and forth around the living room going around our heads. But after what seemed a lot longer than it really was the thing flew out and that was the end of that. Anyone else have stories of animals that got loose in their homes?