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Algorithm Rewrite Bug?

09 January 2013 - 10:41 AM

I am reading the paper "An enhanced recursive frequency splitting broadcasting algorithm for near video-on-demand services" written by Yu-Wei Chen.


There is something which confused me. Here is the algorithm explained as in the paper. And following is the algorithm I wrote in Python. The thing is my algorithm outputs different integers than it is given in the paper as a table. I highly doubt that there is an error or bug in a scientific paper but I can't seem to find the reason. I wanted to get a second opinion before contacting the author.





import math
c = 2
k = 3
subChannelCount = int(math.floor(math.sqrt(c)))
POOL = []
class SlotSequence:
  ChannelNumber = 0
  p = 0
  q = 0
for i in range(k):
    for subChannel in range(subChannelCount):
        SS = SlotSequence()
        SS.ChannelNumber = i
        SS.p = subChannel
        SS.q = subChannelCount
j = c
while(len(POOL) > 0):
    minMod = 1000000000
    minModIndex = -1
    for idx,SS in enumerate(POOL):
        if SS.q <= j:
            if (j % SS.q) < minMod:
                minMod = j % SS.q
                minModIndex = idx
    SS = POOL.pop(minModIndex)
    alpha = int(math.floor(j/SS.q))
    for x in range(1,alpha):
        splitSS = SlotSequence()
        splitSS.ChannelNumber = SS.ChannelNumber
        splitSS.p = SS.p+x*SS.q
        splitSS.q = alpha*SS.q
    j = j + 1
print j-c 

Sci-fi and Cartoony look

03 January 2013 - 02:26 PM

Hello I have always been a medieval guy and I am kind of away from sci-fi genre,


I also love cartoony graphics, my question is directed to the people who like and play sci-fi games.


How do sci-fi and cartoony graphics stand together? For a 3d iOS game do you think graphics and models should be more realistic or more cartoony?


I know there are much more parameters for this kind of decision but I want to learn the general idea of what sci-fi players like and hate,maybe?



Rephrase my project description

11 December 2012 - 01:25 PM

Hello, I am a college student and I am at the process of writing my resume. There are two projects I want to list on my resume but the assistant didn't quite like the way I explained them in my first attempt. Can you help me with rephrasing them better?

Project 1:
Design a cross-platform C library which allows inter-process synchronization easily, over network as well as on the same computer. Servers have the ability to o ffer their primitive variables for subscription and clients could request all the subscriptions from the servers and subscribe to the variables they want. There is also a unique daemon which keeps track of all the servers on the network so a client can connect to a static daemon and request all servers' information currently serving.

I wanted to explain it a little bit but apparently it sounds too confusing and maybe detailed to put on a resume ^.^

Chess AI with Neural Networks

02 September 2012 - 08:51 AM

If you would code a chess AI with NN how would you format the input and the output? And how many hidden layers would you use?

Each tile can contain 13 type of piece(Empty, 6 white,6 black) so one tile can be represented with 4 bits and entire board with 64*4=256 bits. So should I make the input layer 256 nodes?

But I am not sure what whould give the best performance, I could use one-hot encoding where each tile is represented with 13 bits and only one of them would be 1.

And about the output I am planning to represent moves like e2->e4 meaning the piece on e2 moved to e4. Which can be expressed in 12 bits, 3 for sourcerow, sourcecolumn, destrow, destcolumn.

Where can I get more insight about this?

For example this project has some creative representations, but it is only handling specific pieces and specific number of them, so it is not generic enough to represent a full game.

I know NNs are not proper for this kind of game but my aim is to create something that can make at least valid moves, and I read about a man who is beaten by his NN AI in chess, so I'd like to see where this goes too.

And do you have any advice on which library to use with C#?

Database vs CRM internship

16 March 2012 - 05:08 AM

Hello, I wasn't sure if posting this to "GAME"dev.net since this isn't game business related but based on my experience I guess gamedev.net covers all aspects of programming as a whole, and I have been getting help from this community for 5+ years, so it is a trust issue too.

I am studying computer science and soon I am going to take an internship, I have been offered two choices and I want to make a proper decision. This is why I am asking you about CRM related jobs. I have been using databases and I have read books about database administration so I guess roughly how will the process move on if I choose that but I am heavily unfamiliar with CRM.

Can you give me an advice on which path to take, or compare roughly the salary, availability of jobs, how will it develop in the next 10 years, working hours etc?

Of course I know the proper decision can be different for every person, so here is a little info about me:
I have been coding for 7 years, and I am generally a hardworker and self-learner. There is an example that amazes me, I have coded a top-down shooter with directx and windows API without any game engine etc. just after 2 weeks I saw C++ code for the first time.

I like designing systems, I had fun while I was doing a grid-computing project where a server distributed continuous job chunks to clients connected over the internet, and received the reports, updated the database afterwards.

I am also interested in electronic engineering, I did PIC programming, I was able to send commands to a PIC from my computer wireless. (There was a circuit at the USB port)

I don't know if this info contains any hints about which path should I take, but I tried at least.