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#4826612 Help me choose an IDE for C++

Posted by ChugginWindex on 22 June 2011 - 04:13 PM

What do you want to develop? Does it have to be cross platform? Are you sure that C++ is the best tool?

These are all questions I'd be asking before looking at a C++ IDE.

I'm have roughly 7 years of experience in C++, use managed languages all day every day at work and have no desire to work with C#. My hobby activities have been mostly centered around computer graphics and I'm just now getting comfortable with some of the more advanced aspects of OpenGL. C++ is just my favorite language and this is purely for my own enjoyment. I also love Linux and feel there aren't enough cool things made on/for it and would love to contribute sometime in the future. I've got no real reason to go cross platform other than the idea of developing on linux intrigues me more than run-of-the-mill Windows.

Thanks for the input tho! If this were a time/success-critical endeavor I'd certainly be taking your questions into consideration more Posted Image