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#4805961 Game graphics released to public domain! (mostly tiles)

Posted by on 03 May 2011 - 08:37 AM

As I now have released my first game I am releasing most of the graphics
used in the game as public domain, and some of the graphics was
never used in the game I released. In total it's more then 700 files,
most of them are tiles/animated tiles (64*64). Their quality differ,
after all I'm not a graphics artist, but I hope that they can be
useful to folks out there anyway.

These files are released to public domain. You're free to use these for
any purpose, free or commercial. Please drop me a mail if you plan to
use them, it would be fun to see what they are used for!
(use the email button on the site)

You can preview some of them pasted in a picture by clicking here:

The zip file with the graphics is available here, check the download section: