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#588324 OMSetRenderTargets Warnings

Posted by on 20 November 2010 - 03:53 PM

I am getting the following two warnings, and honestly, I am not too sure why, and not too sure how to fix them. The warnings are

D3D11: WARNING: ID3D11DeviceContext::OMSetRenderTargets: Resource being set to OM RenderTarget slot 0 is still bound on input! [ STATE_SETTING WARNING #9: DEVICE_OMSETRENDERTARGETS_HAZARD ]
D3D11: WARNING: ID3D11DeviceContext::OMSetRenderTargets[AndUnorderedAccessViews]: Forcing PS shader resource slot 0 to NULL. [ STATE_SETTING WARNING #7: DEVICE_PSSETSHADERRESOURCES_HAZARD ]

I have tracked it down to the line that is printing this warning, and the line that is causing this to happen.

I am trying to achieve rendering to a texture, then to display the texture. While I do know how to do this, I do not know how to prevent these warnings. The warning will display after I the second time this line will get called.

m_pD3D11DeviceContext->OMSetRenderTargets(1, &m_renderTargetView,

It is a result of inside TextureShaderClass::SetShaderParameters where this line is called

deviceContext->PSSetShaderResources(0, 1, &texture);

My main rendering loop looks like this, and yes, there is no actual contents being rendered, I am trying to break this bug down to the smallest bit possible.

void Render()
// Render to texture initialize
// Set the Render Target to be the render to texture.
m_pD3D11DeviceContext->OMSetRenderTargets(1, &m_renderTargetView,

float color[4];
color[0] = 0.0f;
color[1] = 0.0f;
color[2] = 1.0f;
color[3] = 1.0f;

// Clear the render to texture
m_pD3D11DeviceContext->ClearRenderTargetView(m_renderTargetView, color);
D3D11_CLEAR_DEPTH, 1.0f, 0);

// Reset the render target back to the original back buffer and not the render to texture anymore.
m_pD3D11DeviceContext->OMSetRenderTargets(1, &m_pD3D11RenderTargetView, m_pDepthStencilView );

// Clear the buffers to begin the scene
float color[4];
color[0] = 0.0f;
color[1] = 1.0f;
color[2] = 0.0f;
color[3] = 1.0f;
m_pD3D11DeviceContext->ClearRenderTargetView( m_pD3D11RenderTargetView, color );
m_pD3D11DeviceContext->ClearDepthStencilView( m_pDepthStencilView, D3D11_CLEAR_DEPTH, 1.0f, 0 );

// Turn off the Z buffer to begin all 2D rendering.
m_pD3D11DeviceContext->OMSetDepthStencilState(m_depthDisabledStencilState, 1);

// Render the texture at 50, 50
m_DebugWindow->Render(m_pD3D11DeviceContext, 50, 50);

D3DXMATRIX worldMatrix;

D3DXMATRIX viewMatrix;

m_TextureShader->Render(m_pD3D11DeviceContext, m_DebugWindow->GetIndexCount(),
worldMatrix, viewMatrix, m_orthoMatrix, m_shaderResourceView);

m_pD3D11DeviceContext->OMSetDepthStencilState(m_depthStencilState, 1);

m_pSwapChain->Present(0, 0);

There is two functions that get called in that, m_DebugWindow->Render and m_TextureShader->Render. I will first show the contents of m_TextureShader->Render as I do not believe m_DebugWindow->Render is causing the error.

bool TextureShaderClass::Render(ID3D11DeviceContext* deviceContext, int indexCount, D3DXMATRIX worldMatrix, D3DXMATRIX viewMatrix,
D3DXMATRIX projectionMatrix, ID3D11ShaderResourceView* texture)
bool result;

// Set the shader parameters that it will use for rendering.
result = SetShaderParameters(deviceContext, worldMatrix, viewMatrix, projectionMatrix, texture);
return false;

// Now render the prepared buffers with the shader.
RenderShader(deviceContext, indexCount);

return true;

Which calls these two functions

bool TextureShaderClass::SetShaderParameters(ID3D11DeviceContext* deviceContext, D3DXMATRIX worldMatrix, D3DXMATRIX viewMatrix,
D3DXMATRIX projectionMatrix, ID3D11ShaderResourceView* texture)
HRESULT result;
D3D11_MAPPED_SUBRESOURCE mappedResource;
ConstantBufferType* dataPtr;
unsigned int bufferNumber;

// Lock the constant buffer so it can be written to.
result = deviceContext->Map(m_constantBuffer, 0, D3D11_MAP_WRITE_DISCARD, 0, &mappedResource);
return false;

// Get a pointer to the data in the constant buffer.
dataPtr = (ConstantBufferType*)mappedResource.pData;

// Transpose the matrices to prepare them for the shader.
D3DXMatrixTranspose(&worldMatrix, &worldMatrix);
D3DXMatrixTranspose(&viewMatrix, &viewMatrix);
D3DXMatrixTranspose(&projectionMatrix, &projectionMatrix);

// Copy the matrices into the constant buffer.
dataPtr->world = worldMatrix;
dataPtr->view = viewMatrix;
dataPtr->projection = projectionMatrix;

// Unlock the constant buffer.
deviceContext->Unmap(m_constantBuffer, 0);

// Set the position of the constant buffer in the vertex shader.
bufferNumber = 0;

// Now set the constant buffer in the vertex shader with the updated values.
deviceContext->VSSetConstantBuffers(bufferNumber, 1, &m_constantBuffer);

// Set shader texture resource in the pixel shader.
deviceContext->PSSetShaderResources(0, 1, &texture);

return true;

void TextureShaderClass::RenderShader(ID3D11DeviceContext* deviceContext, int indexCount)
// Set the vertex input layout.

// Set the vertex and pixel shaders that will be used to render this triangle.
deviceContext->VSSetShader(m_vertexShader, NULL, 0);
deviceContext->PSSetShader(m_pixelShader, NULL, 0);

// Set the sampler state in the pixel shader.
deviceContext->PSSetSamplers(0, 1, &m_sampleState);

// Render the triangle.
deviceContext->DrawIndexed(indexCount, 0, 0);


If any more code is needed, please let me know. I have read the warnings, and the documentation for them, but I do not know how to prevent them. Does anyone know?