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In Topic: Generally in a phone interview....

31 October 2011 - 08:27 AM

Thank you Tom :-)

In Topic: Generally in a phone interview....

30 October 2011 - 01:57 PM

To complete the thread.
The phone onterview went good. After 1 month i was in their place (they payed out the flight and the hotel). This time was an informal thing just to meet by person and have a tour in the office. Later they asked me, when i was back to home, to do a test job. I did it amd sent the results. 2 days ago i recieved an offer :-) now i am thinking about it but i feel like i am going to accept.


In Topic: Generally in a phone interview....

17 August 2011 - 04:34 AM

Well i did it. It was for a junior tool programmer position.

In Topic: Heeeeeeelp.

11 August 2011 - 07:19 PM

I'd stick with option 5 :)

Seriuosly it's a wired problem. Did you update the drivers (even if this is more a performance solving issue)? I have an ATI, win7 detects it correctly but the drivers it installs are bad. When i donwloaded the official ATI drivers all worked right.

If your laptop is not too recent you might have problems to find updated drivers. My old 7700GO had just 1 release of drivers and they were slow.

You could even drop a mail to lionhead support.

In Topic: After destructor is called,

11 August 2011 - 06:49 PM

hmm.. maybe? Is there a way to check that? like.. if( not deleted){ delete }

From what i khnow there is no way to do it. You cannot check if you have alreasy called delete on a pointer.

Generally the idea is: if someone allocates memory, that someone has to free it.