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#4878666 Generally in a phone interview....

Posted by on 30 October 2011 - 01:57 PM

To complete the thread.
The phone onterview went good. After 1 month i was in their place (they payed out the flight and the hotel). This time was an informal thing just to meet by person and have a tour in the office. Later they asked me, when i was back to home, to do a test job. I did it amd sent the results. 2 days ago i recieved an offer :-) now i am thinking about it but i feel like i am going to accept.


#4826820 What to do?

Posted by on 23 June 2011 - 08:55 AM

Hey Tom thank you for your reply

1. Yes, since your 2 years of professional life were not spent in games.


2. Bad thinking. You need a breaking in plan. If you're a good enough programmer to break in through programming, and if you can imagine enjoying programming games in a creative environment for 4 years or more before MAYBE getting promoted to a different specialty, then break in through programming. Otherwise, come up with a different plan.

Sincerelly i dont khnow if i am good enough... might be kind of. But i think u have to be good enough to THEIR eyes. The only way i see to show you are good is having a good demo/portfolio... do you agree?

3. A course would teach you new stuff, right? But coursework usually doesn't make a good portfolio piece, because you made it while learning the necessary skills (not after having mastered them).

Yesteardy i have been at the course presentation and my first question was: "But whats about the output portfolio?". The answer was in line with your words: "The valid (and real valid since i saw 'em) and portfolio work is the final work with the teacher's support; works during the year are aimed to learn skills for the last work so wont be so presentable". Even if i have to admit the impression was really good, a student of the last year was hired by the biggest italian swhouse. And the teacher was continuosly speaking about game titles and how the course relates to them.

And you should change your photo -- the weird facial expression makes you look like some kind of weirdo! :D

I agree :D