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In Topic: Loading images in DirectX 11 to use as textures and sprites

26 January 2016 - 07:13 PM

I use GDI+ for this. ( Gdiplus::Bitmap::FromFile )

In Topic: software rendering win32

21 May 2015 - 01:18 PM

I used DIB (device independent bitmap) to draw on, it is pretty fast, and very easy to use.

In Topic: Playing ogg file with openal and stb_vorbis?

18 April 2015 - 01:34 PM

I like this one-file method, so I checked the file, the function seem to return the length used:

5277. data = (short *) malloc(total * sizeof(*data)); // here's the array created, 'total' is total len
5301. return data_len; // num of 'short's used in array

I would be curious too if this .ogg player works, I used the libs some year ago, they were all right.

In Topic: tesselation uniformity (Direct3D11)

11 January 2015 - 03:03 PM

I hadn't noticed this when I was working on my tessellated terrain, but looking back at some screenshots I took in wireframe mode, that tessellation scheme does show up.

At the time, I was working about half the time on a DX10-grade card that couldn't do hardware tessellation, so I wound up spending a fair amount of time doing an adaptive cpu-side LOD system.  It's more work, particularly stitching up the edges, and the performance wasn't as good, but if controlling the tessellation is essential, that way you can subdivide however you choose.


Out of curiosity, why would the alternate tessellation be better for your heightmap?  I don't really know anything about Havok

Nice work with the hieghtmap LODs, back in my dx9 days i did something like that. If i don'f find some hardware based solution, I'm going to use a similar method. I have all the heightmap data for physics near the camera, i upload them for the for the gpu, maybe only for the close chunks, and use the tesselation for distant parts.
Havok has a very simple hieghtfield shape I'm using, the 'hkpTriSampledHeightFieldCollection'. It only needs the heightmap dimensions,cellsize, and the triangle winding. So all the cell must be divided into triangles from topright-bottomleft or topleft-bottomright. It is quite fast to create, fully dynamic because it uses the heightmap data the user has, no need for uploading or preprocessing. My game is procedurally generates terrain, so i need all the speed. :)

In Topic: XAudio2 Exception 80000003

31 January 2014 - 04:36 PM

Xaudio 'debugging' can cause a lot of error to my app:


It hangs the app in several places, without the XAUDIO2_DEBUG_ENGINE flag everything is fine.

I suggest experimenting with the input matrix, maybe try filling it with simple data, this link can be usefull.