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Journal of dbaumgart > Starfarer: Celestial Spheres

Posted 03 March 2011

The world of Starfarer has lovely 3d planets which roll beneath whatever chaos you are sure to wreak out in space. It is only right, for what good is space without planets to fight over?

Below: Flying an absurdly over-armed frigate past a...

Journal of dbaumgart > Gaslamp Games on the Immortal Machines podcast, posted!

Posted 19 February 2011

Nicholas and I were interviewed on the Immortal Machines podcast (an affiliate of Colony of Gamers) last week by the good bunch of guys there who were far too patient with certain Gaslampy ... excesses. Now you can listen in to learn dark...

Journal of dbaumgart > Gaslamp Games on Immortal Machines podcast

Posted 03 February 2011

So Nicholas (brave code-wizard) and I are going to be interviewed on the Immortal Machines podcast. Here's the entry on Colony of Gamers where people...

Journal of dbaumgart > Dungeons of Dredmor skill/spell icons

Posted 28 January 2011

I've just finished the latest round of revisions to the entire pile of spell icons. This is just one task which is part of the massive spell overhaul we're doing for Dredmor's beta 0.92 (when I'm not getting distracted drawing the disembodied heads of founding members of Gaslamp Games).

Man, there are a lot of these buggers, but...

Journal of dbaumgart > Starfarer: Modern Ship Designs

Posted 27 January 2011

(This post is written to promote the game Starfarer by Fractal Softworks.)

There's more to space combat in Starfarer than nearly-obsolete front-line sluggers like the Onslaught. Meet the Astral class capital-ship carrier: a modern,...