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#544073 Free 2d/3d art assets '09!

Posted by on 11 August 2009 - 07:51 AM

aka Sprites, sprites, and more sprites! redux. This is a list of free graphics for games. These aren't just restricted to sprites and 2d graphics, 3d is great too (I just don't know of very much). Know of any more good sites? I'll add in suggestions! And frankly I need suggestions, because this list could be much better. [Do note that I'm not especially comfortable with linking to sprites ripped from commercial games that have not been specifically released by their creator(s); I'm looking at you, Megaman sprites.]


Reiner's Tilesets

Free sprites, tiles, 3d models, etc. http://www.reinerstilesets.de/


Lost Garden

Free graphics from Danc/Lost Garden (very nice stuff!):

background tiles for "a 2D Zelda-like RPG" : http://lostgarden.com/2006/07/more-free-game-graphics.html

sprites for a space game, "a Sinistar clone" : http://lostgarden.com/2005/03/download-complete-set-of-sweet-8-bit.html

"Danc's Miraculously Flexible Game Prototyping Tiles" : http://lostgarden.com/2007/05/dancs-miraculously-flexible-game.html

"Danc's Miraculously Flexible Game Prototyping Graphics for Small Worlds" : http://lostgarden.com/2009/03/dancs-miraculously-flexible-game.html

"Free game graphics: Tyrian ships and tiles" : http://lostgarden.com/labels/Tyrian.html

"250 free handdrawn textures" : http://lostgarden.com/2006/02/250-free-handdrawn-textures.html

"Game Post Mortem: Hard Vacuum" (includes a zip of all game graphics at the end): http://lostgarden.com/2005/03/game-post-mortem-hard-vacuum.html



Various 2d game sprites & related links : http://www.molotov.nu/?page=graphics


SpriteLib GPL

"SpriteLib GPL a collection of static and animated graphic objects ... created to provide hobbyist game developers with an assortment of images to use in their creations." : http://www.flyingyogi.com/fun/spritelib.html


Yoyo Games (Game Maker)

list of resources, tutorials, tools : http://www.yoyogames.com/make/resources


First Seed Material

" complete set of graphics for low-resolution games. It was originally designed for RPG Maker 2000 ... site is mostly in Japanese, but all important stuff (the graphic descriptions, the license, etc.) are available in English." http://www.tekepon.net/fsm/ (thanks Bearhugger)


Free Airplane Sprite Pack

"This free .ZIP contains sprites of various aircraft, including fighter jets, bombers, and cargo planes" by Free Airplane Sprite Pack (double thanks to Prinz Eugn for drawing these and then letting people use them)


DAZ 3D Forums -- Free Stuff

forums for posting free 3d models/textures Note, from the forum description: "No items in the Freepozitory can be redistributed in any way without the explicit permission from the creator of the freebie." http://forum.daz3d.com/index.php?c=13 (thanks legalize)



"Free, legal art for open source game projects" (You'll likely want to pay close attention to their licensing, depending on your project goals.) http://opengameart.org/ (thanks lmelior)


AI War 2.0 Graphics Library: Free To Use For Indie Developers

"This library contains the graphics for the indie space RTS AI War: Fleet Command, as of version 2.0 of that game. ... you're free to use the graphics in this library for whatever purposes you want. Don't sell these graphics by themselves, but you can include them in your game, your pictures, whatever, and then you can sell your work with this art intact. You can modify them as much as you need for your purposes, as well. ... Just please be sure that you attribute the art to the artist(s) that created it." http://christophermpark.blogspot.com/2009/10/free-graphics-for-indie-developers.html (thanks Lorenzo Gatti)


Artwork for the Assemblee Competition

"Artwork and Music by The TIGForums Community Compiled by Derek Yu January 20th, 2010 The artwork and music on this page was created for part one of TIGSource's Assemblee Competition. The goal of this part of the competition was to provide assets for people to make games with in part two. These assets are now provided to the public through the generosity of these talented creators. You may use them for your own non-commercial projects, so long as you credit the creators. All of the assets contained on this page are licensed under this Creative Commons license." http://www.derekyu.com/tigs/assemblee/


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