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Walking Towards The Sun > Just a tease

Posted 25 March 2013

Still gotta fix the wall doubling and start forcing the one creature per tile rule, but I've got my basic dungeon generation finished. Now just got ot find some time to do something else ;) For the sake of keeping this short and simple heres a video.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOnXJC-zvV0

Walking Towards The Sun > There's monsters in here

Posted 05 March 2013

Nothing super spectacular, well actually it is for me, but it doesn't look it.... Found a major bug of sorts in my dungeon generation algorithmn. it refuses to put corridoors were I want them. On top the fact life has been throwing me curve balls left and right, I'm sparse on time.My factory implementations aren't as concrete as I thought they were. Unkno...

Walking Towards The Sun > More Rouge

Posted 26 February 2013

Unfortunately no video, the view component is my next big hurdle though.DUNGEON: I've been putting most my effort into getting the dungeon generator up and running before getting things on the screen. The dungeon is a container the holds a series of floors. Each floor contains a terrain, monsters and items on the floor and other various objects that exist...

Walking Towards The Sun > Crawling For Fun

Posted 23 February 2013

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup I finally crawled back into the world of RougeLikes, I could never bring myself to play any ASCII version consistantly. I've been hooked on 'Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup '. Which has a graphical version (tiles) aswell and is updated quite alot.The mechanics are similar to D&D rules. You start off as a single guy trying to get to t...

Walking Towards The Sun > Prototyping, designing and videos

Posted 05 July 2012

A man of few words, but the attention whore inside me has been waiting for over a month now. Here goes Posted Image

Design and learn by prototyping.

Prototyping I've found to be a great exercise in teaching myself to pump out better code, faster. If only I could find some time...