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Realmstone open Beta

08 October 2012 - 03:40 AM

Realmstone Open Beta!


We need more beta testers for our mmo, Realmstone.

Realmstone is a fantasy mmo hack and slash game with some kingdom building elements. You take control of a merchant house and employ various level able champions to go out into the world an bring back treasures to your house. We draw strongly on traditional fantasy settings games such as Master of Magic and Moonstone.

Realmstone follows the more hardcore tradition of Ultima online while providing a easily accessible game, as soon as you leave the starter zone its a brutal PvP faction based world, where you will need allies to persevere.

- Real-time multiplayer adventure
- Create your very own customizable champions
- Explore instances with your friends
- Unlock classes and Prestige classes to increase your champion selection options
- 1000 levels for each base class
- Tons of different enemies
- Fast paced hack and slash combat with lots of tactical abilities
- Create your own city and declare war on other players
- Build and customize your own city with over 30 different town buildings
- Four distinct arche types to help define your champion
- Living world AI - Monsters will not just stay in their lairs, they will raid your cities!
- Auction house in each city where you are able to buy or sell your treasures
- You will die

Official site


Facebook page

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Nearing beta, need help with user friendliness

13 September 2012 - 03:30 PM

Realmstone - Youtube video here
(formerly Pilgrims of Parnassus)

The game is coming along really well but I have a serious problem;
Most people who try my do not really understand the mechanics or get stuck quite early on, If i spend about 10 minutes explaining the core mechanics i get really positive feedback.
I just don't seem to be able to present the amount of options available in an intuitive fashion. I could really use some pointers from someone with more experience creating user interfaces.

This is the menu I cam currently running:
Attached File  scr1.jpg   283.59KB   126 downloads
This is one of the first screens the player will meet, from this screen the player chooses the champion he is going to play in the world.

I have marked five critical locations on this screen:

1 This i the physical setup pf the character, the looks and the gear - but also the archetype and subclass

2 These are these are the abilities the champion will know when he enters the world, in the beginning very few are available

3 These buttons are extremely important as the switch between the three different screens available, but they do not become important before the player has gotten his hands on some loot and experience points.

4 The exit button leaves the house screen and makes the player enter then world, this button is replace by a 'hire' button when the house does not currently have a champion, the disband button releases the current champion from service.

5 Resource bar, first line displays the resources available, second line displays cost of current champion.

Attached File  scr2.jpg   215.54KB   114 downloads

This is the upgrade house screen, from here you can purchase new champion options

1 This line of buttons filters the upgrades by categories

2 These are the currently available upgrades in the chosen category, hovering the mouse over one displays info about that upgrade in the lover right corner (5) and clicking it selects it and displays what will be unlocked by purchasing this upgrade in the right side of the screen (4), clicking it will also enable a 'Buy' button just above the info field (5)

3 As you can see the 'Upgrades' button is now highlighted to show that we are currently in the upgrade screen - you can navigate back to champion selection by clicking the one named 'Champion'

4 In this field the currently selected upgrade is displayed and all unlocks are listed below it.

5 This is the info box, this box exists in all screens and will display info about anything the mouse is currently hovering over.

If you have any ideas on how to improve this menu system I would be very grateful!
(also is there a way for me to display my screenshots in 100% width in my post - I'm unsure how to write the tag, sorry)

Edit* Forgot to mention that there is a playable Alpha available at http://www.realmstone.erethic.eu/ in the download section (VOIP homepage)

Do i need more Classes?

18 July 2012 - 05:53 AM

I'm making a small mmo and things are going but I seem to have gotten a bit stuck - I have four archetypes in my game and I wanted to make five sub classes for each archetype, but now I have 6 sage classes, 5 clerics, 3 agents and 3 soldier.
I have upgrades for each of my subclasses so I really want to avoid to much overlap between classes.

Do i need more than three different Soldier types and Agent types?

Here are my current classes

Mages are adept at dealing damage from afar and placing powerful wards that impedes anyone who comes too close.

-Shadow mage
Shadow mages delve in the darker mysteries. Shadow spells apply shadow touch, a curse that snares and damages over time.

-Light mage
Light mages utilize the power of Light to infuse their surrounding, they are adept at marking targets an summoning latern archons to aid their allies. Enemies marked by light mages take more damage.

-Urge mage
Urge mages specialize in the raw stuff of the urge and the emberlings spirits that live of the pure urge energies, they specialize in damage and are very adept at setting the battlefield ablaze.

-Wyld mage
Wyld mages snare their enemies and reduce their damage potential. Their connection to the wyld allows them to heal faster and they are able to summon a great bear to aid them in battle.

-Ether mage
Ether mages are students of the all enveloping ether. Ether spells apply Ethertouch, a curse that deals damage and drains energy then the victim uses abilities.

Alchemists can brew some very handy potions to heal and enhance your allies and poisons that damage and delay your enemies.

Soldiers make up the front lines, adept at slowing down enemies and soaking up damage.

Veterans specialize in hindering enemies and soaking up damage, they are tough as nails and quite mobile. They are best when supported, as their healing abilities are very limited.

Berserkers are adept at dealing damage and can hitting multiple enemies at one. They are also quite mobile and tough.

Warlords uses shouts to buff nearby allies but deals less damage and a are less tanky than other soldier types

Clerics are often found on the front lines where they heal and bolster their allies.

-Cleric of Oran
Clerics of Oran are crusaders of justice, they shield themselves with Light energies and are adept at curing conditions.

-Cleric of Dwade
Clerics of Dwade are morticians and serves as guides for the dead. Some sects specialize in undeath as a means to become eternal servants of Dwade.

-Cleric of Ianna
Clerics of Ianna specialize in healing through the powers of the wyld, clerics are good at healing their allies while joining in the fray.

-Cleric of Callysta
Clerics of Callysta are adept at removing curses from allies and blessings from foes. Their healing is also very potent and they can increase the movement speed of allies.

-Cleric of Aden
Clerics of Aden specialize in healing and empowering allies through the powers of the urge, clerics are good at improving their allies while joining in the fray.

Agents are mobile and elusive, they are adept at penetrating enemy lines to take out high priority targets.

Fencers excel at avoiding attacks and getting in and out of engagements easily, Their main function is to break the stances of their enemies, severely weakening them.

Elusive and quick, assasins are adept at killing fast and getting away. They often use poisons and light weapons.

Ranged combat specialist, very mobile.

The game is currently in early beta and available here : http://www.parnassus.erethic.eu/page/Download.aspx

Pilgrims of Parnassus

17 July 2012 - 03:39 AM

Let me start of by apologizing for breaking rule one of the forum, I sincerely hope you will excuse my break of conduct and read on.

The reason for me writing this thread is to make people try my game and maybe drop a word or two on how they feel about it, ideas for improvement or new content.

I am very sorry if this is not the right forum to post this!

Pilgrims of Parnassus is a small persistent world game that lets you take control of a House with the ability to hire peasants, miners, woodsmen, soldiers and champions.

Hiring one of the latter puts you in direct control of the champion, this is how most of the game plays out.

Your champion starts in the town in which your house is located, by leaving the town he enters a global map that can be used to travel to other instances where you can use your champion to defeat monsters and acquire loot. Loot must be hauled back to your home town and the champion must be released from service before the loot your champion has acquired becomes available to your house.

When in an instance, combat is strongly inspired by games like Golden axe and Moonstone.

Champions are hired from the champion tab in the house screen, the amount of options (gear and abilities) available to your champion is dependent on your upgrades. You can purchase upgrades from the upgrade tab in the house screen.

Starting out you do not have a lot of resources and no upgrades all you can buy is a thug with rags and a wooden club, but as you acquire loot and experience points, you will be able to purchase upgrades enabling you to purchase champions of various classes.

Instances are have a number after their name on the world map, this number identifies to the players how difficult they can expect an instance to be. Starting champions should be quite challenged by level 1 instances.

Abilities of champions have an energy cost or gain, all champions regenerate energy up to 20% but some abilities require more than 20% energy. To gain more energy, champions need to use energy building abilities, these abilities add energy to the champions energy reserve when they hit.

Early alpha, there is a playable version of the game available for download at http://www.parnassus.erethic.eu/page/Download.aspx
the game is written in .Net using the XNA framework (Shaun has always been a personal hero of mine). I have been working on this project in my spare time for a year or so.

Download Link http://www.parnassus.erethic.eu/page/Download.aspx

Useful hot keys
l - leave instance
e - enter instance
f1 - releases your champion from service (only while in home town or dead)
i - inventory
f10 - menu
1-6 - ability hot keys
a,s,d,w - movement keys
mouse button 1, mouse button 2 - ability keys (mouse must be in play field)

Ideas, suggestions and criticism is highly appreciated.

drawing text in openGL with SDL

09 September 2007 - 08:45 AM

I have been working on a small game using opengl and SDL, on and off over the last few years. A few weeks ago my laptop got stolen and I had no backup of the source code..:( well, I have reconstructed most of the code now, and improved it quite a bit too :) but I can't seem to get my text printing function to work. I don't remember how in the world I did it but I wasn't using anything but SDL and opengl. I've been surfing for solutions for hours but all of them seem to require additional libraries or windows-specific functions( like NeHe tut 13, which doesn't work with SDL). any code sample would be most welcome Thank you :)