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New game has very similar logo to ours

28 October 2013 - 09:26 PM

Hi guys.  There's a new game coming out sometime in the future with an apparently huge crowd funding effort, Star Citizen, and it's sporting a logo that seems very similar to that of our game, Star Sonata / Star Sonata 2.  Both games are space games, both are MMO's, both have "Star" as the first word, and both have a 4 point starburst inside a circle with the tips sticking out.  The difference in the logos is their starburst is skinnier, and they have multiple circles and some laurels.


We've been using our logo for almost 10 years now, and while not wildly successful, we've had somewhere in the neighborhood of 80,000 accounts played over the years.  With all the publicity and fundraising that this new game is getting, I'd hate for them to come along later with expensive lawyers and threaten to sue us.  Or possibly also bad would be if people thought that we were copying them.    Does anyone have advice or an opinion on if the similar logo is something to be worried about?




(Logos are visible on each of the above links.)



Players using Comcast getting disconnected

14 April 2008 - 02:40 PM

I'm running a small MMORPG that's been going for about 3+ years now and recently we've been having problems with players who use Comcast or Comcast subsidiaries getting disconnected. Basically the TCP port is still seen as open on both ends, but the packets stop getting through, after a certain amount of time, our server assumes they've gone away and closes the port, at which point the client reports that the port's been closed and then reconnects. I have read about the recent packet shaping and I'm wondering if this might be it. The problem seems to come and go with different people at different times of the day. I was combining packets and sending 800b - 900b packets and after a bunch of people (maybe 10% of the user base) reported that they were getting disconnected, I tried everything I could think of until I reduced the max packet size to 500b, and almost all of them said the problem was fixed. Now a few weeks ago a bunch of different players started reporting the same problem and as of yesterday I also started getting that problem, though no networking code was changed in either our server or the client in this time. My question is how to tell if it's really something that Comcast is doing and if so, does anyone have suggestions on what we could do about it? Or might it be some other thing we did wrong that causes packets to stop getting through? Thanks for any advice.