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XXChester's Blog > WOA III - Postmortem

Posted 18 August 2015

Army of the Undead Postmortem

How did you hear about the competition?
I originally read it in the lounge but some things with work were in play that wouldn't allow me to participate so I forgot about it. I lurk the journals every morning as part of my startup routine and that is when I saw a bunch of entries about the theme.

What made you want to pa...

XXChester's Blog > WOA III - Day 7 -Utter CHAOS

Posted 17 August 2015

Day 7
Where to begin. I am only counting day 7 from when I woke up - not the 4 hours after midnight of day 6 before bed. We entered the day with a massive list of things to do....and some major bullets on the list such as these ( means completed);
All skills
Death animations

XXChester's Blog > WOA II - Day....who know's now.

Posted 15 August 2015

The day's are blurring together....
I have been drowning in AI pathing problems that have crippled the game. Every night I feel like I have them solved and the game appears to work and then all of sudden everything that could go wrong with the pathing is. At the start of day 6, I thought we were going to be okay and get something playable - and then it a...

XXChester's Blog > WOA III - Day 3&4

Posted 15 August 2015

**Reposted from the thread**

Day 3 was great, Day 4 was atrociously bad. I spent hours yesterday trying to fix bugs in my AI around path finding, I am using a combination of field of view, free space tracking and A*. I say trying because I thought I finally had it all working well, several hours later while working on another feature I realized it w...

XXChester's Blog > WOA III - Day 2-3

Posted 12 August 2015

Oh where to begin...the last 2 days have been complete madness but a huge amount of progress on the programming front has been completed.

Day 2
It was an interesting day but I am satisfied with the result, I was able to prototype the "fear" emotion and how to influence this. I need to further prototype this to see how fun it actually is going to be, if...