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Questions for all programmers.

16 May 2014 - 11:47 AM

There has been this urge for me to ask programmers quite a few questions to try and build a simple "database" of sorts. The main purpose of wanting to do this is to try and form relationships. There are also a lot of potential other uses. Mostly it's selfish in the regard I want to know programmers more. 


Without further ado I ask you to please answer the following questions:



1) What was the first programming language you studied?


2) Did you have any Computer Science background before your first language (ie: boolean algebra, memory organisation, algorithms)?


3) The first language you studied was it self-taught, formal instruction, or both?


4) Was the Computer-Science background self-taught, formal instruction, or both?


5) When you started to study Computer Science did it help your understanding of the language you first learned?


6) What kind of environment did you first program in (ie: the IDE or text editor, and the OS)?



Thanks for your time. 

Visual Studio Questions

02 February 2014 - 07:37 PM

I use to program a lot. I stopped a couple years ago. Not long after that I "attempted" to get rid of visual studio off of my laptop. After uninstallaing I realized it didn't install just a couple of programs it was around 50 different ones it had installed. None of which I had ever used or needed. For some reason they didn't get uninstalled along with visual studio. A lot of things just went wrong. With trying to remove those other 50 programs that had got installed.
 I spent two days trying to get rid of them. Most of that was just trying to get them to uninstall without giving me an error. The rest was trying to clean out the large amount of files / folders / registry entries that were leftover. On the second day when I was trying to clean it all out I realized I was spending way too much time trying to clean this. So I just stopped and actually barely used my laptop so it didn't matter. 
All I really used in those couple of years was my Desktop computer which was more powerful and had a nice 30" 2560x1600 screen that I used with it. Perfect for playing video games, doing general purpose stuff, and watching movies. However in that time things got really cluttered. Even with the routine cleaning I did on it. Windows 8.1 had been out. So I got it for my desktop computer.
When I started to get interested in coding again a few months ago. I would be much better off just wiping the laptops hard drive and doing a fresh install of windows. And I would wipe the desktops drive at the same time and upgrade to windows 8.1. 
Visual Studio 2010 was a thing of the past and it had a new version 2013. This time I tried to be intelligent about it. It seemed a lot had changed.  Now instead of just express you had: For Web, For Windows, For Windows Desktop, For Team Server, and Windows Phone. So there's a for Windows and for Windows Desktop I'm confused. Oh it's for Windows Apps. Okay we don't really care for Windows Apps. Just want to create normal software.
I carefully download the right one. Carefully initialize the install process making sure to not install anything that I don't need. C++ and C# all I really needed. After finishing installing. I realized that it again had installed a ton of stuff without my permission. It installed .NET Framework 4.5 Multi-Targeting Pack have no idea what that is so probably will never need it. 
Then you have three other entries that don't make sense. .NET Framework 4.5.1 Multi-Targeting Pack, .NET Framework Multi-Targeting Pack (ENU), .NET Framework 4.5.1 SDK. 1) Like I said won't need a Multi-Targeting Pack. 2) Much less two of them one with a (ENU) at the end what is the difference. 3) I thought .NET was backwards compatible so why did it need to make multiple entries for multiple versions much less when it's only 4.5 going to 4.5.1...
Then you have Microsoft Help Viewer 2.1 which is fine. Then for the next 14 entries I'm not even gonna bother listing them. They are basically all SQL Server stuff. All of which will never be used  All that is needed to be done is let me have an option to install it or not. If and when I ever need it I will install it. But until then why are there 14 entries of programs of it on my computer?
I downloaded the ISO file. Opened it up and wondering can I just delete that stuff and run  the installer. But would that break anything?

Physics Practice Program

31 July 2011 - 02:51 PM

I failed my physics class last month. I think it was mostly due in part to the fact that I'm more hands on and I need to practice problems and verify my answers so far I have found no such source so I built a sort of prototype in C++ for this.

And was wondering what you guys think about it

Attached File  PhysicsPractice.zip   4.97KB   34 downloads

edit: i couldn't find any ASCII or UNICODE characters for having the vectors having --> arrows above the variables indicating their vectors maybe you guys could shed some light on that

edit2: This is my code I can't think of some ingenius way to make the code less.... hard coded but here is what I got so far just to see if the idea works:

int main()

	srand((unsigned int)(time(0)));



void QuestionOne()
	float x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2;
	x1	= (float)(rand() % 10 - 5); 
	y1	= (float)(rand() % 10 - 5); 
	z1	= (float)(rand() % 10 - 5); 
	x2	= (float)(rand() % 10 - 5); 
	y2	= (float)(rand() % 10 - 5); 
	z2	= (float)(rand() % 10 - 5); 
	float t1 = 3;
	float t2 = 3.5;

	Vector3D v1(x1, y1, z1);
	Vector3D r1( x2, y2, z2);

	Vector3D a1(t1, t1 + 1, 1);

	float dt = t2 - t1;

	Vector3D v2(0, 0, 0);

	v2 = v1 + (a1 * dt);

	cout << "1) Given the information for the motion of a particle at time t1 = " << t1 << " s\n a = (t, t+1, 1)\t v1 = " << v1 << "\t r1 = " << r1 << "\n\n";

	cout << "Determine:\n";
	cout << "(a) The velocity v2 of the particle at time t2 = 3.5 s using Euler's method.\n\n Hint: v2 = v1 + a1 * dt\n\n";

	cout << "Hit any Key to show answer\n";
	cin.ignore(INT_MAX, '\n');


	cout << "Answer: " << v2 << endl;

	cin.ignore(INT_MAX, '\n');


	Vector3D r2(0, 0, 0);
	r2 = r1 + v1 * dt;

	cout << "1) Given the information for the motion of a particle at time t1 = " << t1 << " s\n a = (t, t+1, 1)\t v1 = " << v1 << "\t r1 = " << r1 << "\n\n";
	cout << "Determine:\n";
	cout << "(b) The position r2 of the particle at time t2 = 3.5 s using Euler's method.\n\n Hint: r2 = r1 + v1 * dt\n\n";

	cout << "Hit any Key to show answer\n";
	cin.ignore(INT_MAX, '\n');


	cout << "Answer: " << v2 << endl;

	cin.ignore(INT_MAX, '\n');

Recommend a Game Physics book

27 July 2011 - 12:53 PM


Vector Reflection

18 June 2011 - 05:31 PM