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In Topic: What are your favourite features in games?

19 November 2015 - 12:41 AM

It also not clear if the question is aimed at gamers or devs? My reply before is from my gamers perspective. From novice wannabe dev. Just starting for years. The key to sucses is to keep it simple and start small. So I go for more less complex genre depending on features based on specific technology. Network online and big fearure MMO is not something to start with. But that means you probaly need AI. How ever with splitscreen even AI and network could avoided.
Animation terrain and very abstract render theme. So for me I stick to a very barebone feature tight smal game demo. And iterate and add features in logical dependency order.

My feature wishes fit more triple A projects, but I need to start from bottom small one man hobby projects.

In Topic: What are your favourite features in games?

16 November 2015 - 12:27 AM

* In the space sim genre. X series which are on release very rough unfinished daimonds. The got in second third sequell this boarding fearure in bit abstract way. Which was very cool to do. As I remember it could be it came with a feature packed update.

* In spacesim genre. Where you could walk around your space craft in FPS mode like in masseffect3 normandy but then not in third person. And have space sim where you roam into the game universe.
Star Citizen is implementing that with there multi crew feature.

* In the space sim genre the capitalship gameplay instead fighter focus most space sims have.
Like running up to a Carrier.

* In the FPS genre in Mplay small arms need to be balanced that the connection with reality is lost oe so way off. In co- op or singleplayer games balanse have more room to follow reality bit more. Then with stamina and inertia you get unnatural unreal fastpace speed out of it. Accuracy based on movement and also stamina. With supression fire and complex fire arm simulation. It get more slower pace gameplay.

* In whatever genre a side kick or support that do the borring stuf or when the gameplay get so multitasking beyound what average human could handle.
For space sim with multi crew schips a copilot.
For space dogfighter a wingman.
In large sandbox FPS game a AI NPC driver or pilot in the team.

* FPS game a inventory mule system. A squad got this little remote vehicle that follow the squad with the heavy gear and ammo on it. Think it was older ghost recon game.
In modern Us army recon sniper the squad could be up to 6 man team for that reason. That could be a alternative.

* genre merging. For space game. Fighter, multicrew, carrier RTS style , planetside driving but not racing and even shutle air to ground combat. FPS on ship and on landing on top RPG and crew game

* technical feature I do like or prefere the more photorealistic render feel or theme. But I would like that game world but also objects act realistic. So less static and fine grain of interactic.
Space genre highly detaild and destructable spacecraft and stations. For games with structures also destructable. Terrain does deform by heavy bombs.

* For FPS the gore of title like soldier of fortune. Yes go for 21++ games

* sex in games. Well if my inspiration for the space genre is scifi movies and series. There is often some hot female role in it. So side kick or copilot could have that role 21++ game. With lot physics and testalation and photorealistic rendering.

* sandbox vs corridor, i more prefere something in between but I do play both. In sandbox sometimes I got lost but like the freedom, in corridor it to Restricted but you know where to go to. So a liniair story in a sandbox with freedom to go to objective and even choose the playstyle you like best to handle it. For FPS it would be the first part of original Crysis that was great. Desorientation would be the alien core the middle fase that bad. Last fase with strong aliens, bad most weapons become useless.
So that from the top of my head.

In Topic: no of ammotypes

30 October 2015 - 02:18 PM

Well it matter of balance. But there is some balance ways to get imbalance weapons balanced, by use some extra factors, which also give some more depth to it.

Also give lot of types of weapons it's niche where they can shine in.


A P90 or KrissV is the must have in full auto accuracy and range. How to balance that imbalance.

In the case of P90 it got very exotic ammo only used for that PDW and Pistol sibling FN57. For those gamers that go for one shot one kill.   

How ever the Kriss V is .45 ACP that much more regular ammo typ. In that case make that weapon very rare thing to find or very expensive. It ammo is big so less rounds then regulate 9mm SMG. A complex weapon hard to maintain.


For Ammo type you got the cheaper reloads which are less effective. But much easy to find. Very use full for trigger happy player with LMG or SMG. You need a kind of ammo type to waist.

Lesser reload 5.56 Nato for full auto carbines like M4.

The even better but rare specialist reloads for DMR.

The stock 5.56 new from fab's much rare becoming 5.56 for long barrel rifle like M16 3 burst.



Then you can use weapon sway with inertia and sway frequency and recoil handling on weapon weight and length.

With a heartbeat ripple based on stamina state on it. That means that

Pistols are put faster on target with are much more sensitive for recoil.

SMG to are bit heavier but spray due to short and recoil sensitive.

powerful ammo,  more recoil, heavier ammo less ammo to carry .

Long barrel heavier weapon higher power bonus with out added recoil. But higher inertia and slower freq sway.


silencer or suppress supersonic ammo. Well are less loud but have a supersonic crack that make them not as silenced as the specialized subsonic weapons.

A MP5SD is specialized weapon with silence mechanics make regular 9mm subsonic and ism very silenced weapon.

ACP .45 is by nature a sub sonic round so doesn't have the sonic crack on suppressor. But very long barrel could change that.


This of course need to be worked out. But it's a rough idea I had in mind. 


With this you can have several dozen ammo types.


Each main type a lower reload and better reloads and even subsonic versions. Then AP and hollow point. Incendiary. Tracer. etc. 


Revolver have hold less ammo but are very robust and easy to maintain.


The reason I think about this is.

Why are sniper rifles so extreme in accurate when hip fire. The just fire as accurate with sun MOA to where the barrel is pointing. So bullet would not leave the barrel like in CoD and make 45 degree muzzle release way off where it aiming.


I think this real thing Sniper recon could have 54kg of full gear. including ammo for and with a M9 M4 M24 and other stuff. So in RL the go for M4 with M24 on the back.

And I don't think its accuracy issue but weapon handling at short ranges and reactive fire.


My guess is that if enemy pops up in front of your barrel. No need for balance at 1 to 3 meter its rather easy to aim from perspective a long stick thing at something already in front of barrel.

But in room clearing going in and need a 90 degree aim action to get on to target your in big trouble with Pistol or SMG enemy.


A bull pup sniper rifle. Well it comes with balance of having a bit better handling. But a high frequency sway and tad more sensitive for recoil. It is a trade off. 

SVU AS a full auto capable bull pup sniper rifle. Well the 7.62x54R is tad more power full then 7.62Nato. So heavier recoil. with bull pup shortness a high freq sway lesser recoil handling. So even for sniper rifle this full auto do spray with a heavy kick. It has also a heavy wear on the barrel. And its is bit shorter. So all added up a trade off to.


The way I played Fallout 3 and stalker call of prypyat is as weapon collector. So a home base would be nice to stack full. And some special collector item weapons. Which would be nice if the where use full to.


Also a fan of the Walking dead. To me we are apex predator because we have intelligence to effective hunt. Most predators are lot smarter then there prey.

Our intelligence is at some level we depend on tools. So a Zombie is more something very basic as a extreme downgrade, to something easy to take down. So it is the numbers that make them dangerous or by surprised around corners. But the are a way to give the game a reason to shoot a lot. The majority humanity are to civilized so the might have a problem to adopt to this harsh new situation. The real danger are other people who have adopted and are very territorial. They can be very dangerous even if it just one.


To me it make no sense to have a zombie situation in the US and weapons are rare to find.


So bulk of the regular ammo is for zombies. The good stuff to give you edge to the more dangerous humans.

Zombies you need fast and accurate to aim weapons. Headshots.

In Topic: Game Engine Creation: What are the biggest challenges faced?

28 October 2015 - 12:02 AM

Yes tool chain is what set apart the licencable engines to the inhouse build engines in the pro studio league. But it is also the support part that crusial. For large production with army of artist. The productivity effeciency is key.

The key here is also the production of a full big game.

But my guess is that not relevant for a hobby game engine starter. Who get it first shot at first engine. For learning purpouse.

But for a engine builder you don't need a full game. Just a demo sized game which incorporates all the features a full game needs.

Then when the small team or lone dev want assets. Our lots of it. There is this alternative way of going PCG way. In pure form the high need for a artist might even disapear. Maybe just one is enough might be luxory. A team where there are more programmers then artist.

A example is crowed funded Star Citezen with big funds doing conventional production also starting multi big studio. Need a productive tool chain which are offered by full licencable engines with source and support. Crytech engine.
Compared to infinity a more pure PCG single dev project relying on PCG procedural content generation.

In Topic: Game development with assembly. Where to start?

25 October 2015 - 04:14 AM

Having a very old in the past introduction in my education of embeded controlers. Z80 and 6800?
Which faded away out of my head.

For modern game programming. ASM is a to low level solution C/ C++ is as low as I want to go.
If I go for ASM then it wil be for practical use of those modern CPU extentions.
Math libs using SSE2 as its very common in mainstream CPU.
But AVX AVX256 and the upcoming 512 is not. First for fun. With practical option for it.
It will be very new to me to.