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#4802815 Site mobile interface

Posted by Khawk on 25 April 2011 - 02:53 PM

The sites front page on an iPhone fails to load due to an error with the news feature

Fatal error: Call to undefined method skin_ccs_global_3::featured_news() in/var/www/gamedev/admin/applications_addon/ips/ccs/sources/pages.php(416) : eval()'d code on line 14575

Active content does not show anything.

My biggest problem is that the site insists on showing the mobile version no matter what I would prefer. Yes there is a 'show full version" yet this only shows the full version for the current page, anytime you click a link you ignore my preference and show the mobile version again :(

I know there is an iPhone app for the forum software but I do not want to use an app to view the web, come on this is the web and I have a perfectly fine browser why would I want an app for this?

I think that's just an oversight on our part. We'll address it.

#4800323 Thumbs up, bro!

Posted by Khawk on 19 April 2011 - 06:24 AM

EDIT: IMO the like buttons on the front page are unneeded clutter. In fact I think the front page would have far too much clutter even without those like buttons.

EDIT: For me everything on the front page, apart from the latest forum posts section, goes without a second glance because it seems like the worst kind of spam and thus I apply a very effective mental filter to it. I say the worst kind of spam because most of the content on the front page seems to be a flood of advertising disguised as news, where the disguising as news makes it not as good as, and less effective than, honest and undisguised advertising spam. But I suspect it only seems like that because there's too much of it.

I would like to see a dramatic decrease in quantity of content on the front page coupled with maintained or increased quality. Failing that I would like to be able to personalise the front page by choosing which modules are displayed for me.

While I'm at it, I would also like to be able to chose a less blindingly bright theme for the site as a whole.

Having said all that I would like to express my gratitude to gamedev.net. The quality and value of its community seems to be great and unique.

We agree that the front page needs work. Unfortunately it's going to be a little longer than we had hoped before we address it (addressing other areas of the site first). The front page now actually has a lot less information than it had in our old design, but we think the style is causing it to appear more cluttered than before so our focus will be on the layout and styling more than the actual content.

Having said that, the personalization you mentioned is the direction we're looking to go. It'll just take some time because we have some intermediate steps to get there.

#4800322 Thumbs up, bro!

Posted by Khawk on 19 April 2011 - 06:20 AM

Here, or using the "feedback" button?

Either place is fine. I'm monitoring this thread now, so any feedback will get put into our system.

#4798830 Thumbs up, bro!

Posted by Khawk on 15 April 2011 - 11:00 AM

Also, on the news feed, the articles from "http://www.gamesindustry.biz/" you have to register on their site to read. Please don't link to news sites on the front page that require registration. (same comment also submitted to the issue tracker)

I agree with you and have removed gamesindustry.biz from the feed.

#4798829 Thumbs up, bro!

Posted by Khawk on 15 April 2011 - 10:58 AM

Adding a new feature means manpower that isn't being spent on addressing bugs, unless you have infinite manpower, which I know is not the case with this site. I'd much rather you focus your efforts on restoring the forums to working order than uglifying the front page. We're talking about usability issues that concretely affect the quality of the forums. The lack of updates in viewing user content means that fewer follow-ups on posts occur. This is a bug that was filed in early January. You know, right after the new software launched. The loss of bookmarks means that many people can no longer find quality content that's been buried by the site's new obsession with showing only new crap. Again, a day one issue.

There are other methods in the new version of the site to do exactly what you're talking about. For instance, I subscribe to threads (like this one) or to responses to my posts, so I receive notifications every time someone makes a post. I've also subscribed to certain forums. Given this, how have we not addressed the replacement of bookmarks?

In addition, the Active Content and View Latest Content links have been on the page for over a month. These links actually provide more than "Active Topics" did on the old site because they include content from across the entire site, including the forums, blogs, news, articles, and so on. What additional functionality do they not provide?

Also, you're also acting as if new bugs aren't being introduced as these new features go in. Have you noticed yet that post ratings haven't been showing up properly on individual posts? I doubt it, because no one has bothered to look at new issues in the tracker in a couple weeks. So you've fixed about 15 bugs in the last half month. That would sound more impressive if there weren't at least 20 unfiled issues in the problem tracker's bug report section. I'm sure some are duplicates, but it still doesn't sound like any actual progress is being made here.

And then there are the features that you've taken money from users for and still haven't delivered on, which is just bad ethics. See complaints made in the GDNet+ discussion.

We've actually fixed well over 15 bugs in the last month, but that's besides the point. The important thing is that GDNet is going through change, and rapid change at that. We've started the staff blog to communicate changes and provide updates about the site. We are still deciding how communication on a per-issue basis will be addressed. Something will be done, but that decision has not been made yet. For now, as Mike has mentioned, we've moved to another system to help make us more efficient in addressing and organizing the submitted feedback. As for GDNet+, it's still a work-in-progress and a messy area through all this transition. Recognizing that you don't have all the information, if you think you have better ways to handle it then please post to our mods email list and we can discuss there.

#4775732 Quit my job today

Posted by Khawk on 18 February 2011 - 12:28 AM

I have a lot of respect for that move. Best of luck.

I got out of programming regularly a few years ago because I got burned out, but I did it by moving up in the company. I sort of decided that someone higher up in the company needs to understand how software gets developed, so I decided to take the Pepsi challenge. Now my software programming tends to consist of the occasional 2-day home project or writing VBScript to bend an Office application to my analytical will. But that's okay.. I've found it's more challenging to program people than it is to program computers. (oops, did I say that?)