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Hostile Viking Studio Development > Precursor's Dawn - Greenlit!

Posted 22 October 2016

Precursor's Dawn - Greenlit!
On the morning of Oct 18th, I received the email from Steam informing me that Precursor's Dawn had been Greenlit. Having spend all of the night and some of the morning awake promoting the game did not hear the notification of the email on my phone because I was asleep. However, my teammates were awake for it and began to spam...

Hostile Viking Studio Development > Precursor's Dawn Greenlight Campaign LIVE!

Posted 04 October 2016

Check out the fast paced SciFi Tactical Combat game, Precursor's Dawn on Greenlight. Even if this is not a game for you the traffic helps. Votes help the most, but we will be very happy for the traffic. Thank you.   
http://precursorsdawn.com/images/logoClean_blackwLogo.png       Vote for Precursor's Dawn on Green...

Hostile Viking Studio Development > Kickstarter Live - Check Out for Details!

Posted 02 October 2016

Precursor’s Dawn is a space strategy game unlike anything before. RPG like elements that help to drive a robust and unique gameplay world. You will travel the vast distances of the universe in search of an ancient technology that will ultimately change the balance of power between the known civilizations. Once the technology is found, it is up to you to...

Hostile Viking Studio Development > Looking for Feedback - Kickstarter Page Preview

Posted 29 September 2016

GameDev.net's community was an amazing help during my first Kickstarter, therefore I am hoping we have even better results this time around by getting the community involved before the launch. Kickstarter Preview Page  Any feedback you have would be wonderful and very help. You can leave c...

Hostile Viking Studio Development > The Teaser Tailer - Precursor's Dawn

Posted 21 September 2016

Two points of announcement with this Journal entry:
First, Hostile Viking Studio is now alive and kicking.
Second, we have an amazing teaser for our first game to share. Travel to a distance galaxy and help shape the balance while avoiding throwing your civilization into chaos.
Without further pause, here is the Teaser Trailer for Precursor's Dawn:...