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GDC 2011 > iPad Games: Touching the World on the Other Side of the Glass (Graeme Devine)

Posted 01 March 2011

This afternoon, accomplished game designer Graeme Devine gave a talk on designing games for the iPad, and why the iPad is a different gaming device than any other platform on the market today -- including the iPhone and iPod Touch. Graeme stated that he believes the iPad is the "best gaming machine on the planet today" (a statement which seems...

GDC 2011 > The Full Spelunky on Spelunky XBLA

Posted 01 March 2011

This talk was given by Derek Yu and Andy Hull. Derek started off the talk by describing his development history, contrasting his "small" games (Diabolika, I'm OK, Spelunky) and his "large" games (Eternal Daughter, Aquaria, Spelunky XBLA.) He said that these smaller games were important to his ability to create the larger games, in...

GDC 2011 > Independent Games Summit Miscellany

Posted 28 February 2011

Here are some highlights from a few of the other sessions I attended at the Independent Games Summit today:

The Care and Feeding of Your Independent Game Studio
Arthur Humphrey (Last Day of Work)

Arthur covered some of the challenges facing the casual games market today, as well as his approaches...

GDC 2011 > The Humble Indie Bundle

Posted 28 February 2011

The first session in the Indie Games Summit this year covered the Humble Indie Bundle, and was given by Jeffery Rosen and John Graham of Wolfire Games. They gave a sort of postmortem for both the first and second Humble Indie Bundles, covering a lot of details about the design, preparation, launch, and results...

shilblog > The Implementation of Rewind in Braid

Posted 13 March 2010

Posted a GDC coverage article about how rewind works in Braid: