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In Topic: Unlockable characters with their own story?

26 August 2016 - 08:26 PM

That's a really nice tool, didn't know it exists. Will keep that in mind. :)

In Topic: Unlockable characters with their own story?

26 August 2016 - 06:42 AM

I guess I have decided that I mark them based on Quest List. So Player will have active quests to follow. Main story is automatically turned on so the Player knows what to do until the end of the Main story. But the other side stories has to be triggered by various conditions (as explained before). When a side quest is triggered, it becomes a new active quest (side quest) that the Player has to finish. So there is a new quest related to that side story (timeline..?) for the Player to finish besides of the main quest. So the Player simply stack the quests, whichever they have triggered, and choose whichever they want to finish. By this way as well, I can provide them hints when needed on that specific Quest menu. This way, any unlockable characters just follow/trigger by the progress the Quest, including the cutscenes.


Thanks for the attention guys!

In Topic: Unlockable characters with their own story?

25 August 2016 - 11:30 PM

Well, the global timeline approach is designed when you have at least a small main linear skeleton that all the sidequests are hung on.  For example, what triggers the ending of your game?  Is it the kind of game where you progress through physical areas by solving puzzles or defeating bosses?  If so then those would be the landmark events on the global timeline.  If it is the kind of game where the player has a set number of days or weeks to invest in activities, then each day/week is a landmark event on the global timeline.  If it's an openworld game then you still might have a global timeline but each quest chain is somewhat independent, and you check both on-demand whenever the player enters an area or talks to an NPC.


That is one of the method to trigger them, yes. It does not explicitly have a time (like Visual Novel or love simulation game) so it's quite forgiving in terms of that. It's also not an open world game. You got to click a location in the map.


What I mean is, how do I organize this on my design? I mean, I may have hundreds of cut scenes I can no longer know which is which. If I make them as sequence (like normal one for movie production.. as I read it..) it just doesn't work.


If I'm in area selection, then go to area A, has a character named Ron with Level 50, trigger cut scene 1.1.

If I'm done with area A back to area selection, and has triggered cut scene 1.1, trigger cut scene 1.1.1.


But then what entity that would tell me to point to these cut scenes? An Event that should be checked every time I do something?

Say I make a document containing cut scenes, unrelated by time and only be called by an event that is triggered by any action the Player make, like:


Cut scene 1.1


Ron hated Harry and brings Hermione away


Cut scene 1.2


Hermione refused to go with Ron. Dumbledore joins this madness to reunite them and becomes partner of the journey.


Cut scene 1.3


Hermione decided to go with Ron.


Event A


Needs Goblin Card

- Triggers cutscene 1.1


Event B


Needs cutscene 1.1 to be triggered

Goblin Card version is Rare version

- Adds Dumbledore as character to play


Event C


Must not have cutscene 1.2 / event B triggered

- Triggers Cut scene 1.3




Player obtained a non-rare Goblin Card,

check an Event that meets the condition

Event A is triggered

Trigger cutscene 1.1

Check an Event that meets the condition (cause cutscene 1.1 is triggered)

Event C is triggered (Event B cannot be triggered because Goblin Card is not rare)

Trigger cutscene 1.3


Is that how it works?

In Topic: Unlockable characters with their own story?

25 August 2016 - 01:52 AM


Okay so I have the tree diagram, the diagram contain scene nodes. Then each node points to a detailed scenes? (containing the screenplay of that scene? the dialogue, etc) I'm not really sure how it works, but that seems practical enough to me if approved.



Okay so is it like... this?


Timeline -->


Main             | Scene 1 | Scene 2     | Scene 3 | ...       

Ron              |               | Scene 2a   |...

Ron & Harry |               | Scene 2b   |..

In Topic: Final year project ideas

23 August 2016 - 06:50 PM

For academic, try Vulkan API. Maybe you can discover something that may be useful for us too with that new API. :P