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UDP HTML5 JavaScript no plug-in approach? Browser JavaScript application to C++ Server.

19 February 2014 - 05:52 PM



Been checking out some standards around the web for instant deploy of web applications (the user needs not to install any plugin, but needs an up to date browser). Totally dig the Javascript and WebGL combo as it is to me the way to deploy applications.



I am interested in a way to communicate via UDP in the browser towards a server.


WebSockets? Seems only TCP


WebRTC? Seems only possible browser to browser but no browser to C++ server.


Node.js? It's a plugin?


Any ideas?



Individual tile JPEG compression

12 July 2013 - 10:05 AM

Dear all,


I am looking into libJPEG and other libraries to do 8 by 8 pixel compression of images in a sort of tile by tiles fashion. However most of these software libraries do it by scanline and I really need the per tile both encoding and decoding in a reasonable quality and with high speed.


Anyone with experience in the area?


Creating an 8 by 8 image and encoding that (for each tile) seems a bit too cumbersome.



Threading different on Intel Xeon versus i7 ?

14 December 2011 - 07:28 AM

Hi guys, So I wrote this program to be multi-threaded and it runs fine on many laptops, desktops etc... with different flavors of Windows. I use pthreads and somehow windows always is able to distribute it on the number of cores available, 8 on a 4 core HT machine etc... So I take this to an Intel dual Xeon based still Windows 64 bit flavor system, where each Xeon is a 6 core HT monster, so in theory it should run on the 24 cores available. I fire up the application and it runs not only just on one of the Xeons but only in one of the cores. What gives? Pablo

Slicing and dicing a mesh

22 October 2007 - 03:40 AM

Hi!I want to slice a mesh so that I have two planes cutting the mesh and only what is between the planes should be visible. Also the interior volume of the mesh must be visible.I have had a look at opengl clip planes and they are a start. Even if I render a mesh without back face culling so that no faces are dropped I still get holes in the mesh where it's thick enough to be on both sides of the clip planes.Do you know of any method except of rendering from the front and then rendering each slice in the y direction? Rendering each slice in the y direction takes a lot of time and many readbacks.Another method would be to AND the pixels drawn from the 1st and second clip planes so that pixels are only valid if both planes drew them. This breakes down in part of the mesh is behind the viewer or if the part of the mesh has no closing polygons.Ok. Except the brute force method with slicing in y is there anything else? I would like to stay away from CSG as I am only doing a special case and won't have to rotate the mesh after it's cut.