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#4977892 Old school RPGs made nowadays (PC)?

Posted by on 07 September 2012 - 10:09 PM

Devil Whisky is another, although a bit older, first person dungeon crawler designed largely around the original Bard's Tale games.

- if you were interested in such games, how would you approach finding these (as a player)?

I am a member of RPGWatch, which generally focuses on PC cRPGs. So that is my first and foremost source for new game information.

- which keywords (words you enter into search engine) would be good for such game (if you were to make such game which keywords would bring you most consumers/players/sales)?

I actually haven't done a google search as such, but I would enter in 'Wizardry clone' or something of the sort, maybe even type out fully "First Person CRPG" or "Dungeon Crawlers".

- do you know of any such games (name and/or website)?

Devil Whiskey, though it is quite old now. www.devilwhiskey.com IIRC, but that site may be gone. The original company folded years ago, largely due to thir own treatment of their customers (bad move in such a niche market), and someone else bought the rights out. But I don't know if it's still being sold or not.

There's the newer Legend of Grimrock, which I got off of GoG.com.

- is there, by any chance, any forum/website for fans of such games?

Again, I recommend www.rpgwatch.com.