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Keeping track of branches in the story

10 September 2012 - 12:58 AM

'Morning, or evening as the case may be.

I'm having a bit of a problem keeping track of how my quests and NPCs end up relating to each other, according to the NPC state, and which quest conclusion was chosen.

For example, the very first 'quest', which serves mostly as an introduction and a chance to kill "one of those guys", you have three conclusions, each which leads to three branches. One opens up another branch that can go in 5 exclusive directions, then converges back into one, One leads to a different branch of quests, and the other leads to none.

Most of my quests are designed around the same way; 2 or more choice which lead to different things later on. NPCs are a bit simpler, being alive or dead, and whether or not they are innocent or guilty, for one particular NPC, and in regards to other NPCs, or at least their beliefs in them and relationship to them.

Keeping track of it all, however, is proving to be a difficult task.

So how do y'all keep track of things like this? Right now, I'm compiling a 'master list' of NPCs, with class breakdown, hit die, gear (if any), special abilities (if any), relations, and presumed innocence. As I add more NPCs, this becomes more and more difficult to look up, and more and more difficult to format clearly so it can eventually be printed and added to my binder full o' crap. I also have a compilation of quests in a similar manner, though not yet following the relationship between the various quests. Attempts to chart everything out have resulted in a confusing mess resembling spaghetti with boxes, or my extension cords out in the shed.

Backstory: World of Mirrors

13 March 2010 - 04:11 PM

This is the start of back story for a design I started this morning. I did all the core mechanics, and much of the character system, first. It originally started as an exercise on making a simple RPG system, similar to those used in classic games. Now it's turning into a full fledged project, and I thought to get some feedback on the core creation story that backs the game, as well as the general focus of the main plot. Feel free to tear it apart on anything; it was written in about 30 mins, including brewing some fresh tea.
World of Mirrors Creation of the Universe In the beginning, there was nothing but the Void. The Material Plane yet did not exist, and the Planes of Light and Darkness strove against each other over nothing. Yet the Creator saw this need, and spoke: Let there be LIFE. And the Material Plane was born from the Word. First, the Song of Light was sung, which crafted the suns and moons and stars Yet the Lords of the Plane of Darkness saw this, and grew angry For they desired above all the power of Creation Second, was sung the Song of Earth. From which came all worlds, scattered around their suns And circled by moons. Third came the Song of Life, from which all manner of birds and beasts and fishes came to being And plants from which they drew sustenance. Upon hearing this Song, the Lords of Darkness plotted in shadowy gloom And they reconciled with each other, making treaty And scattered to the four corners of the Material Plane, each seeking the few worlds of Life And they sought to corrupt the Song of Life with Songs of their own And thus, the first monsters were born The Creator heard the Song of Discord, and began a new song The Song of Knowledge, from which all intelligent beings were formed And the Lords of Darkness sought to sow discord among the new Song and it's children And thus, monstrous creatures of great intelligence were born, cold and cruel and wise Yet this did not alter the plan of the Creator For He had forseen the Songs of Discord and ever knew their plans The Lords of Darkness were thwarted, the Children of Life died not at all Yet their own Corruptions, the Children of Discord had only mockery of life And the mightiest fell quickly. So they plotted anew, and began a new song One sang in dark harmony with the Songs of Life and Knowledge Yet one of mirrored discord; The Song of Death And they corrupted the Children of Life And estranged them from their Creator, all who would seek the Darkness And promised them powers of gods Whole worlds became consumed with fire and sword And Death came to the Children of Life, even though who remained pure. For the taint and corruption came through guile and blood. Knowing what was to come to pass, and all possibilities that may yet happen The Creator crafted with His hands a world Where all knowledge and history may be recorded This he placed in the River of Time, to protect it from the Lords of Darkness And there he placed the Prime Nexus, the Key to Worlds And built, with His own hands out of Stone The Great Library; Guardian of All Knowledge And upon this World, he placed two Races of Light Great and Mighty, to guard it Dragons, ancient proud, and mighty And the Giants, Lords of the Earth. Upon the Prime Nexus He placed a Mark A Mark of his Word, which sealed the World of the Nexus eternally None of the Lords of Darkness, nor those of Light, would ever be able to step past this Ward Nor would the World ever suffer for light and warmth, or the degradations of Time Yet the Ward did not seal against the Lesser Children of Light, Nor the Corrupted Ones, or those of the Corruptions. And the Lords of Darkness once more sang a Song Drawing from the Life they spilled in War And crafted 9 Terrible Beasts And sent them to assail the world of Prime Nexus And War came to the World Along with the Aspect of Death that had arisen And Famine and Pestilence followed with them. Four Gray Riders upon Pale Horses And the Beasts strove against the Giants and Dragons And slaughtered thousands upon thousands And the Beasts brought with them Hordes of the Corruptions Who swarmed the lands like locusts Yet the Giants and Dragons fought not alone For the Children of Light came as well to aid And battle their ancient enemies Men, Elves, and Dwarves all And others strove with the Locusts In the End the Beasts could not be destroyed And the Corruptions had grown too numerous to expel So one by one, each Beast was taken And sealed in a Crystal, deep within the bowels of a Tomb And as each Beast was lost, the Corruptions grew weary, and splintered And each went their own ways, never to unite again. Yet the Children of Light too had grown weary And distrusted one another Most of all, the Lesser Children hated and distrusted the Guardians So war came once more, between the Giants and Dragons, and the Lesser Children of Light And the Lesser Children prevailed, and cast the Giants out And drove them apart, and to far distant lands And thus the Giants were sundered, And became Giants of the Storm, Cloud, Valley, Hill, and Dale The Dragons fled as well, into deep hidden places that even the Giants knew not of And were sundered and scattered And became the Dragons of Stars, Flame, and Frost Yet there were those Dragons who remained And guarded the slumbering Beasts in their Tombs These became the Royal Dragons And they grew mighty and fierce, and the Lesser Children feared them And fought them not. The remainder of the Lands were divided amongst the victors Halflings took the lands and hills of the Northwest Closest to the Lands of Giants For they alone of the Lesser Children begged for peace The Elves took the great Southern forests for their home And grew complacent, for no Giants and few of the Corruptions had fled South The Dwarves took to the Mountains and Hills of the East Delving deep, and seeking secrets that long remained hidden The Race of Man, greatest in number of survivors, took to the central and western plains Building great Kingdoms, and fighting petty wars amongst themselves Mighty was the works of these Children And Mightier still their fall For they too became estranged from one another And made wars for the sake of wars And shed blood for the sake of blood Yet not all of the Lesser Children forgot their Purpose Dubbed the Dark Ones, they moved to the Great Library, and built a great City upon it's Island The Faithful toiled endlessly, aiding those few Giants and Dragons remaining in the Library in their task. And the world fell into an uneasy sleep, of thousands of years.
Clarifications The "Corruptions" are simply orcs, goblins, and other standard fantasy-fare bad guys. It's somewhat of a Tolkien reference, as in Middle Earth, Orcs were originally corrupted and twisted elves, and Trolls were twisted versions of Ents. The reasoning behind the Beasts being so powerful, is that they were born by the Lords of Darkness singing in concert with the Creator, not against like the weaker Corruptions. Initially, the good races were unkillable, as Death did not exist. After they were tainted, and begun to drift towards evil, then they as a whole weakened until they were just as weak as the original evil races. The Grey Riders are all four neutral entities, born from the war, and all it brings. They are not evil, and do not serve anyone. [Edited by - domhnall4h on March 13, 2010 10:31:34 PM]

Feedback requested: RPG magic system

16 May 2009 - 05:26 PM

After some thought, I deleted the old topic and went to work with what I think is somewhat more unique than set spells. I just want general ideas and feedback about it. I'm still cleaning up the specific powers and rewriting them, so it may be a bit before I can detail the specifics of their mechanics. I have a trip tomorrow. Basically, to summarize, the player has a small set of multi-use powers for each discipline. Each power is scalable to the PC's skill in that discipline, to that it an do damage/whatever on the level of the party. Some powers may just become free, or passive, as skill levels increase. This is for a cRPG, graphically in the style of the classic Wizardry, Bard's Tale, and Might and Magic series. Combat is more similar to Phantasie III. I haven't yet detailed the Invoking bit, which was basically added in. I felt that the limited quantity of rune stones and relative lack of power of the carving part relegated it to near uselessness. So I'm adding in a more limited spell casting part. Bardic Magic is more environmental in nature. Plus, I have a metric ton of music I can use. Magic Magic in general is the tampering with the natural order of the world. There exists several varieties of what common people call 'Magic', and while all grant their practitioners great power, it also grants great responsibility. Magic, no matter the form or discipline, takes energy to use. Each Power costs a certain amount of the caster's stamina. Constant effects create a long term drain on that character's strength, until they collapse from sheer exhaustion. Thus, extensive casting is very dangerous, as it can easily leave a weary or weak wizard helpless before his foes. There are 8 spheres of magic. These coexist with each other; a pyromancer is not predisposed to violence against a hydromancer. Life and Death cannot exist without each other. Each sphere has a number of powers involved, some of which are shared with other spheres. Each power requires a certain level of skill to use, and it's maximum potential increases with the user's skills. Using 'Fireflash', a pyromancer skill, as an example, it can be used to destroy wooden doors and walls, attack one or more targets with varying intensity, melt ice, create a wall or shield of flame, and provide continuous torchlight. Elemental Mortal Fire Mind Water Energy Earth Life Air Death In addition to these spheres, there are two more types of magic, more limited than the spheres, yet powerful in their own right. These are Bardic Magic and the Runes. Bardic Magic is practiced by the True Bards; those who use music to cast powerful spells upon their surroundings. They cannot direct the effects, rather they effect all who hear the music. The secrets of Bardic Magic is said to have come from the mists of time, where a musician sought aid from a mighty Devil. In exchange for his soul, he was granted this form of magic, and only managed to pass it on to a few students before his soul was claimed. The Runes are even more ancient, their origins unknown. Each Rune is said to represent some celestial being of Power, who grants their powers through them. Whatever the case, each Rune has different effects if carved upon different equipment, used as a Rune Stone, or Invoked. Generally, the carved Runes on items are vastly less powerful than the Stones, which themselves come from a lost time and are lost upon use. Their numbers are ever dwindling, and no one knows how to make them any more. Attempts simply create minor magical items of almost negligible powers. Invoking them has a lesser effect than that of a true Rune Stone, yet is still very powerful. However, there are greater costs in Invoking the Runes than in normal magic. Thanks in advance.