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#5136178 Moving away from the games industry

Posted by staticVoid2 on 03 March 2014 - 02:59 PM



I've been working for a games company for the past two years (programming) and I've recently applied for a new job in a software firm which does web development using java EE.


The reason I applied for the job was mainly because it was in my home country and that I've been finding it very difficult recently to live in a place where the culture is so different from my own.


I have an interview with this company next week but I don't if moving away from the games industry is the right decision, there are lot of pros and cons I can think of for moving and for staying, namely things like property prices are a lot cheaper, salary will most likely be higher but at the same time I almost feel like I am throwing in the towel with the games industry.


I was wondering if anyone here has had a similar experience? and how different a software firm is to a games company? (I know I probably have it quite easy not having to wear a suit and tie etc.)


Any advice?



#4762111 Proof God doesn't exist?

Posted by staticVoid2 on 20 January 2011 - 05:50 PM

I've been thinking about this over the past few months and I believe its turning me into a bit of an atheist (which is kind of scary) but anyway, it all stems from
this phase:

"Cogito ergo sum"

which means....

"I think, therefore I am"

I keep wondering if there is a god and if he/she acknowledges that they exist then how do they know that they are in turn not being monitored by some higher power
(i.e. god's god). No matter what dimension or place god is existing within there will still be that acknowledgement of existence and therefore the uncertainty: are they really the apex entity?

This goes on forever (god's god's god etc.) until you realize that the current portrayal of god just does make any sense. Maybe because I'm human I just cant conceptualize an awareness of
one's own existence at that level (i.e. god), but, really, even if god is omnipotent, what if one day he finds out that everything he has ever known is false and that there is this higher power.

Is religion really just the answer to man's fear of death?, I mean we've been dead before and we kind of know how that went... just nothing.