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Topics I've Started

Any good cross platform C++ scheduler libraries?

20 March 2015 - 06:18 AM



Does anyone know of any good cross-platform Task scheduling frameworks / libraries available in C++? I'm looking for something similar to the C# task scheduler in terms of functionality.


I've looked into the Parallel Patterns Library but seems to low level for what I need.



Convenient approach to composite pattern in C++

03 March 2015 - 08:50 AM



I have a class (A) which contains 'Listeners' or 'Observers' which need to be informed when certain things happen in class A. This currently involves iterating over all listeners and calling a certain notification method for example:

for(Listener listener : listeners)
   listener->InformOfSomething(1, 2, 3, 4);

I was wondering if there is any convenient way in c++11 to reduce this to a one-liner without having to create additional functions or use lambdas (or even remove the brackets ;)


The approach I'm looking for would be something similar to jQuery where functions act on collections of objects as opposed to single items. For e.g. maybe something as simple as this:

$(listeners).InformOfSomething(1, 2, 3, 4);

(please forgive the shameless copy of jQuery syntax)


Where the $ syntax acts in a similar way to range-based for loops and requires begin() and end() functions on the 'listeners' param which then iterates the collection and substitutes the item in the collection with first parameter of the proceeding function (or more specifically the 'this' pointer when using a class member function).


Anything like this in c++11 or any better way to do it?



Released my game open source...

16 February 2015 - 10:53 AM



I just thought I would post this incase anyone is interested.


In August of last year I released a game on Google play and after its somewhat failed success I made it free-to-play and have now decided to release the source code which can be found here:




The game only made something like £15 overall which was about 5 months of work (a few months also working full-time for a games company). I suppose this is partly my fault for not capitalising on the micro-transactions approach most companies are taking nowadays (i.e Clash of Clans) and also for not having a marketing division tongue.png but hey.


Just thought this might be useful to some people starting in Android mobile development, the code is very simple, the majority of work was the artwork which was done in Blender.



Possible to be a (good) software developer without owning a PC?

03 February 2015 - 02:22 PM

Ok, so I'm thinking of selling my PC soon in an attempt to simplify my life a bit.


I'm tired of stressing out over some game that I know I will never complete and I find development these days to be a very isolated experience and somewhat detrimental to my mental health. I'm in the process of uploading my projects (completed and uncompleted) to sourceforge under an open source license.


I just wanted to know if you guys think it is still possible to be good software developer without actually owning a home PC? Granted it is what I do for a living :(



Three.js for desktop application?

13 December 2014 - 06:53 AM



I started writing a desktop application not that long ago and instead of using my traditional approach of simply coding everything in C++ and using a few external libraries I decided to write the application in javascript + HTML5.


At first I considered writing just the front-end UI in javascript but as I discovered more and more libraries such as Three.js I thought I might aswell just code the entire application in javascript and only create a few interfacing functions to the system, such as reading/writing files.


I was just wondering if by-and-large you would consider this to be a bad solution for a desktop application, I'm at the stage currently where I could easily start developing the application again in C++ and perhaps use OGRE or some other equivelent graphics library.


I know that web applications are all the rage nowadays buy I don't know if developing a 'web' application purely for desktop is a justified approach, considering the additional layer of abstraction and that javascript, even though an extremely powerful language, does lack a bit in certain areas.


I was just wondering what aproach you would take?