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question about D3DReadFileToBlob

30 June 2012 - 05:26 PM

Hi guys,

I have some trouble to use function D3DReadFileToBlob to load a compiled shader binary, it's not defined.
MSDN says the function declaration is in D3DCompiler.h, but I didn't find it there.


question about scene parameterization

09 October 2009 - 03:43 PM

Hi all, I want to generate a unique texture for the sponza model(http://hdri.cgtechniques.com/~sponza/). The model has defined texture coordinates, but since some object has repeated parts, those vertices are mapped in the same (u,v). Is there any way to generate a texture for the scene such that each vertex has a unique (u,v)? Can I do it using blender or 3d max? Thanks a lot, -Tim

question about volume texture

17 June 2009 - 09:48 AM

Hi all, This might be a stupid and naive question: I 'd like to load a 3d volume texture on the GPU and fetch the texture value in the shader. The data stored in the volume texture is specified by myself, for example, a 4 by 4 by 4 array of rgb values. I tried to create such a volume texture: pd3dDevice->CreateVolumeTexture(4, 4, 4,1,0, D3DFMT_A16B16G16R16F, D3DPOOL_MANAGED, &pVolumeTexture,NULL); But I can's figure out how to load my data into the texture. I searched in the DirectX c++ doc, but haven't found an applicable way to do this. Would D3DXFillVolumeTexture(pVolumeTexture, LPD3DXFILL3D, NULL) work? How to define LPD3DXFILL3D then? Thanks, -timothy

How to define vertex gradient on a mesh

15 April 2009 - 06:01 AM

Anybody know how to define vertex gradient on a mesh? Thanks, -timothy

question about shader debugging using glsldevil

13 January 2008 - 06:00 PM

Hi all, It seems glsldevil is a wonderful shader debugging tool: http://www.vis.uni-stuttgart.de/glsldevil/. Is there anyone used this tool before? I have a problem that I cannot view the shader source and debug them as the webpage describes, although I can make my program run or stop at a draw call. Thanks very much!