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Isometric Grid question

16 January 2008 - 06:22 AM

I'm working with a Flash developer on a turn-based game that's based on an isometric grid. In terms of technology, the game is similar to Dofus (www.dofus.com), i.e. the map is a single JPEG with the grid being an overlay. Characters move from one tile to the next, etc. We have a "conceptual" problem regarding the matrix that describes the grid. Here's the two approaches: The developer suggests that he rotates the normal grid (consisting of squares) 45 degrees. Since the map is a rectangle, this means that the grid will have to be a LOT bigger than the map itself. See: http://www.digitalboys.com/grid.gif (map is in red) My problem is that we'll have to store info for tiles (be it zeroes) that we don't need. The other issue with this approach is that I'd rather have tiles that have a 2:1 ratio (width:height). So rotating a square grid won't work. The way I look at it, the grid should be like that: http://www.digitalboys.com/grid.jpg We don't need all the partial rhombi, so we only keep info for the elements 1-8. I'd appreciate any feedback from the experts who have already done isometric games. How do you apply the grid when you have a rectangular map?