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In Topic: Races vs. techtree vs. doctrines - choosing from the start or not...

05 April 2016 - 01:27 AM

Orymus3, that is very interesting info. Somehow I missed SC, played it maybe 6 times and found out too late Red Alert. I think this mechanic is a different from what I did and I should put some changes. Maybe I am influenced by Company of Heroes too much and most of my starting units become almost obsolete when the gameplay is in the middle or become auxiliary units.

In Topic: Races vs. techtree vs. doctrines - choosing from the start or not...

04 April 2016 - 01:38 PM

Thank you for your responces. But I think my first post was not enought clear. Wil try to explain in other words. In my game player cant choose the enemy (not possible yet and maybe in the future). The game is RTS but with some tower defence and RPG elements and City-Builder-like RTS which means the player will start always with the same "race" against one enemy "race" (noth enough time to finish the others) which is mutating during the game (depending on the map).

So should I leave the Doctrines choise from the start or remove them and the player will be able to develop the race as he want... Not everything, sure, but many things. Or even I keep the doctrines they will put some hues. 

I think the problem is more related to the player psychology - imagine you start with the same race, the same few buildings, the same few units. Always. And then you make the difference.

In Topic: Why does it look so beautiful and how could I make it in-game?

18 March 2016 - 12:34 PM

I think the colors. They are chosen to make such warm feeling. That is the same if you look landscape photos from usual camera and by a professional photographer. 

This doesnt mean that some pictures are worse, but the style is different. Look at food photos for commercials, colors there are not "real" but somekind "tale" style. The 4th picture is more natural and realistic (but realistic doesnt mean attractive). Modern games are using often such "hot" colors.

2d achieves this result easier. You just need the right palette.

In Topic: My building stages

18 March 2016 - 12:26 PM

Yeah, you are right, I am spending a lot oftime in many details, but it is inevitable now... Most of the graphics are done but many of them were build long time ago and look a bit out of charmony.

The deadline... I cant reach it many times... Starting so big and complicated RTS is a too big spoon.

In Topic: Smooth outcomes/incomes in the game

29 December 2015 - 02:02 AM

Thanks to all of you but I will stick to what I did yesterday. I think it works for now and everything is too complicated. Resourse gathering is much different so I put farms ability to add some resourses too. Otherwise it is too much volatile. The idea I chose has nothing to what is available in other games and for years it become the spin of the game. I changed it to make the game simplified (actually the game design and coding) but that changed the gameplay extremely and it is a new game which I dont like.