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#5310370 Mines here and there

Posted by on 11 September 2016 - 02:25 PM


In my RTS project I am trying to put roads which the enemy should use extensively. Moving on roads is always better so the player may prefer to use them too. There are several reasons for that but one of them is the pathfinding which is not very good and enemies are "confused" before they leave their base. Also roads can be used to set some attacks from behind. 

But here is another problem - mines. They can be put on the road (and everywhere) and the enemy always will hit them.  Another problem is that many mines means many objects and I dont want too much of them but the roads are the main problem. I was thinking of limiting the number of mines that can be build by the player. The roads are many and is hard to guess where the enemy will pass but once the player is sure it can put a lot of them. Another option is to put enemy sapeurs cleaning them or randomly appearing skill "avoid mine". 

Another thing - when players saper is removed from the region mines will start disappearing. But in that case the enemy may guess there are mines somewhere.

Any other ideas?

#5309792 Recommed a Alternitive to Photoshop that has ACTIONS?

Posted by on 07 September 2016 - 05:29 AM

No, it is not free.

#5281899 Why does it look so beautiful and how could I make it in-game?

Posted by on 18 March 2016 - 12:34 PM

I think the colors. They are chosen to make such warm feeling. That is the same if you look landscape photos from usual camera and by a professional photographer. 

This doesnt mean that some pictures are worse, but the style is different. Look at food photos for commercials, colors there are not "real" but somekind "tale" style. The 4th picture is more natural and realistic (but realistic doesnt mean attractive). Modern games are using often such "hot" colors.

2d achieves this result easier. You just need the right palette.

#5281731 My building stages

Posted by on 17 March 2016 - 02:14 PM


One of my game graphics which is old (the finished stage) but I had to make its stages. I lost somewhere the original file or just cant find it because of many variations. What I found didnt fit, the render settings are different and made most of the stuff combining existing renderend images and few new renders.

Do you think I could add or change something?


#5268175 Smooth outcomes/incomes in the game

Posted by on 28 December 2015 - 02:10 AM

The problem is that current money is jumping from 0 to say 30. So if you want to buy a unit that costs 25 or 30 you can wait a little, the resourses will become 30 at a moment you buy it and it tries to take its money (taxes :)) but they are gone.


 Initial resourse=10

1 min.:                Income: +5

1 min. 10 secs:   Income: +5

1 min. 20 secs:   Income: +5

1 min. 29 secs:   You buy unit for 25.

If you miss that in that moment at the next moment:

1 min. 30 secs:   Outcome -20. You can't buy anything.


It is RTS, yes. +10 is per farm but in a moment when there are few farms and resourse collecting units and all they are upgraded that is a huge income. Even if they are not upgraded money is too much. The idea is to produce, later upgrade and keep all units not constantly producing and loosing. Which means if there are too much resourses you could make super army at any moment, if there are very low and you loose the army it is done. But the player has some heavy and expensive units and the game has not typical upgrades timeline, you can build such units instead of many cheap and I want with them built to have less money. It doesn't happen, I can take more territory and then more income and the AI is screwed.

Incomes are limited by the number of storages, so yes, resourses over the current limit are lost. Also outcomes are from repairing, building and shooting. No money - no shooting.


So you have to cheat actually because your base can't collect these taxes. And because there are irregular income it becomes worse. I havent enough time to test it fully yesterday but I think it works (the method above).

I am not sure I understand your proposal

#5261559 Tower Defence game sans war element

Posted by on 11 November 2015 - 08:09 AM

A conveir (not sure how to write this).

Or something like Mcdonalds. You receive bread (attacking) and place towers with butter, cream, sausage, ketchup. The result should be sandwiches or different types of foods: duners, sandwiches, pancakes etc and depends on how much food contains each of them on the exit you receive a bonus.

Haha. Seriously I think it will be interesting.

#5261541 Armour penetration and firearms

Posted by on 11 November 2015 - 07:20 AM

I am a big fan of the realism in games, actually was, until I started to realize that this is easy to demand, but very hard to achieve - not technically, but related to the gameplay. Interesting and realistic are 2 different things.

Also the discussion about what is the realistic sorting is different thing too and I doubt we can resolve it. It depends of the weapon, the ammo, the armor/shield and the target.

In my game I put the realism in the first place when started it and now I think it is not so much important. The most important is to have fun so you will have to correct things and the game will show you what and how.

And the more complicated it is the chance to fail with the whole game becomes larger.

#5260935 Armour penetration and firearms

Posted by on 07 November 2015 - 03:50 PM

You could group them based on the distance they could shoot, for example short-ranged weapons doing low damage, middle ranged doing middle damage :) and so on. Not fully realistic but is simple.

#5257991 Units Factories

Posted by on 19 October 2015 - 03:33 PM


I am sinking in the concept of the factories (plants). The game works in few variants but all of them have cons.

In some RTS buildings are producing specialised types of units: infantry or heavy machines, or artillery, or aircraft (A). In other games such COH each factory have somekind of a set against different situations: antiinfantry, antitank, machine, artillery (B), but with some gradation.

In my game the players needs more space to build more types of factories. In other words less space=less types of units.

In the first case (A) the player will be screwed if he has not enough place and enough factories, for example if the enemy makes base close to its base he cant destroy him if no artillery.

In case (B) some of the units and factories will become obsolete and useless after some time. What is happening is thate they are absolute useless because light machines are smashed by the heavy enemie. And units become too much.

Another problem is that machines are "civil" and "military". First I mixed them so each factory produces about 20 to 40 % civil machines and they are necessary. So you need to start from factory A because you need that civil machine produced there and later another factory producing machine B. This dictates what military machines could be used... In other case civil machines are produced in specialised factories for only civil machines. But in that case if you start with such civil factory the enemy will took the initiative in capturing land. If you start with military building the economy and other things will be screwed after time. If you start with both this will be determined decision - you always start with these. So it is starting the same way.

The main idea is that players strategy depends on which factories he chooses. What I had in mind was to make a lot of factories for choice for each race/doctrine but this will become very big. The other idea was to make a factory for unit (only one or maybe 2) and more factories could be build per period of time. But this will require a lot of graphics. Another idea was to give to the player the possibility to assemble his own factories with units, in other words he decided that that factory will produce these and these units. But here he could make a great mistakes. Also programming the enemy to do the same will be khm, almost impossible...

Also I thought for giving these variants to different races so you choose

1. race A with specialised factories for tanks only, or artillery only... Currently testing that variant, it is a bit boring.

2. race B with mixed factories... That variant was well tested with many units, they become too much.

3. race C with customized factories...

It becomes more and more complicated and I am in the bog. Classic variants not working the same way in my game.

I am trying to simplify the game as I have to rewrite it for the N time.

#5255808 Minimalistic vs. Maximalistic gamedesign (RTS)

Posted by on 06 October 2015 - 08:17 AM


Lets discuss the ideas for minimalistic and maximalistic gamedesigns for RTS.

· Minimalistic design is when player have only one or two units beating unit x. For example 1 antiinfantry unit, 1 antitank unit, 1 antiaircraft unit - all infantry, and the same with machines, another group for aircraft, other for ships, another for defensive buildings. Defensive units could be 1 defensive against ground units, one antiaircraft. And also few more special units. Rise of Nations is, I think so, such a game.

• On the other side is Blitzkrieg mod for Company of heroes. Here the player has a lot of variation of units and can find what he exactly needs and likes. In case you don't know what I am talking about: http://www.moddb.com/mods/blitzkrieg/features/pe-units


It looks as an easy decision because more units=more fun, but actually players become sometime in mess choosing more units from group B - lets say antitank group and developing and upgrading them loosing the idea for the global control of the field. Instead of combining different units with different abilities he could fail in wrong combinations and sub-combinations. On the other side he could choose and build more "customized" army. Even if units are customisable this could be a problem.


Well it is hard to be explained but it is still minimalistic vs. "maximalistic". Maybe I cant find the right words to explain it but I hope you get the idea.

#4986039 Real Time Tactics game design

Posted by on 02 October 2012 - 06:41 AM

Strategy is when some places (terrain, buildings, mines) gives advantage to the war/battle. So no need to gather resources and build buildings to be a strategy. COH is strategy too because you have to think carefully which point to capture and to use positions - houses, walls, etc.
In the real world generals are strategists but they are not collecting resources.
I would say that RTS has 3 elements (or more):
- military - battles, units/buildings producing and upgrading
- economical - resource management...
- science exploring - exploring some trees with updates or new units.
I myself usually am looking for battles (like in Sudden strike) but most RTS requires attention to what and when to be produced, upgrades, economy stuff... I am feeling somehow a director or manager of a factory for clothes or cars.
The general is looking more generally to the eventsPosted Image Which means he things for the strategy, not for every small thing. Small things causes fight between the player and the game where the player needs to click fast on many things in many places.
In short I don't like too much the economical aspect of RTS. I prefer to fight and build defensive structures instead of mills, storages, peasants and taking care of the incomes, outcomes, salaries, new boots for the personnel, the new promotion for the accountant, a driver lost his license and I have to find new for him, looking for the telephone number of gasstations director...